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Middle School Extension Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should apply?

    These programs are designed for students who have completed or are in the process of completing initial or professional teacher certification in one of the approved subjects.

    Students who obtain the middle childhood extension certification are stronger candidates to hiring principals and school districts. Most middle schools comprise grades 6 through 8; however, the elementary and secondary education programs do not provide certification in all three of these grades. With a middle childhood extension, students obtain certification in grades K-8 or 5-12. Therefore, program graduates have a distinct advantage over candidates who did not obtain a middle childhood extension.

  • Other than completing the two required courses, are there other requirements I must complete in order to obtain this certification?

    In addition to successfully completing the required course work for the 5-6 of 7-9* extension, you must apply for certification through TEACH system online and file an Institutional Recommendation Request Form through the Hofstra Office of Educational Support Services. Hofstra also requires five educational law seminars: child abuse, violence prevention, fire and arson, substance abuse, and highway safety. Most students have already completed some, if not all, of these seminars as part of their initial certification program.

    *Please note: In addition to the completion of 30 s.h. in the content area (with advisement), students who are enrolled in the 7-9 extension will need to complete the Content Specialty Test (CST) in their subject area.

  • Can I take one or both of the classes as a non-matriculated student?

    You may register for and take the courses as a non-matriculated student; however, for Hofstra University to recommend you for the extension, you will need to apply for official acceptance to the program and graduate.  When you are ready to apply for certification, contact the Office of Educational Support Services.  

  • Can I apply for this program if I am a graduate student and have not yet completed my initial certification?

    Yes. If you are enrolled in a graduate program that leads to initial certification, you can get accepted into the extension program and complete the two courses for the extension at the same time. When you apply for graduation, apply for graduation in BOTH programs.  You would then also file your certification paperwork for your base certificate and the middle childhood extension.

  • What if I am an undergraduate student working toward my initial certification?<

    In most cases, upper-level undergraduate students who are also enrolled in a program leading to initial certification may be accepted into the extension program and apply to New York state for both certifications at the same time. You must also apply for graduation in BOTH programs.

  • Can I matriculate into one of these programs even if I am not enrolled in a graduate program but have completed my initial certification?

    Yes. You can matriculate into this program and get the extension to your initial certification even if you are not enrolled in a graduate program.

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