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Transfer Credit Policy

Appropriate courses completed with a minimum grade of C- or the equivalent at fully accredited institutions are transferable. Grades attained at another institution are not recorded on the Hofstra record and are not included in the grade point average to meet graduation requirements. As many as 30 elective credits graded on a pass/fail basis from another accredited institution may be transferred to Hofstra. Students transferring to Hofstra with more than 30 credits graded on a Pass/Fail basis must have the approval of the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee. For these students, courses graded pass/fail shall not exceed 50 percent of the total credit hours required for the degree.

  1. A course deemed appropriate for transfer is one which might logically be a part of the course of study offered at Hofstra University.
  2. The semester hours of transfer credit (advanced standing) allowed a transfer will not necessarily apply to the major selected by the student and may not necessarily satisfy university graduation requirements.
  3. A maximum of 64 semester hours is transferable from a junior or community college with the following exceptions:
    1. engineering programs, 69 semester hours and
    2. b. business administration programs, 65 semester hours.
  4. The amount of transfer credit per course shall not exceed the amount of semester hour credit allowed at the credit granting institution.
  5. Credits earned at institutions on quarter or term systems shall be prorated with the semester system.
  6. Credit evaluation is completed after admission and prior to registration. Hofstra has transfer credit articulation agreements with Nassau Community College and Suffolk County Community College. Details of equivalencies established under these agreements can be found here.

NOTE: Switching schools and/or majors might affect a student's graduation date if some of the transfer credits are no longer applicable to the new major.