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Overall wellbeing is more than just your mental and physical health. Here at Hofstra, we recognize the multidimensional model from SAMHSA that describes the eight dimensions of wellness. These dimensions are physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, occupational, financial, physical and social wellness.

Your overall wellness and wellbeing matter to us and these Dimensions of Wellness can impact your personal and academic success. We encourage you to use the tips, strategies and resources here to guide you to being your best selves as you navigate being part of the PRIDE.

As you review where you are with each dimension, it is possible for you to identify an area you may need to improve on. We hope these resources will aide you on your wellness journey to reduce stress, manage anxiety and engage on and off campus.


Awareness, understanding, and acceptance of one's feelings through stress and life changes.

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Personal beliefs and values which recognize one's search for meaning and purpose.

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Habits which help to build and maintain a healthy body while balancing activity and inactivity.

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Knowledge building and skill enhancement that suport academic goals.

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The spaces that support one's well-being, promote learning, and allow for contemplation and relaxation.

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The understanding of choices and situation to manage money for the short and long term.

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Activities that provide meaning and purpose reflective of one's personal values, interests, and beliefs.

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Building and maintaining healthy relationships with friends, family, and one's community.

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