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Center for Civic Engagement

Center for Civic Engagement: About the Program

Active citizenship has become a core part of the mission and agenda of Hofstra University, which offers educational, co-curricular and cultural programs and activities that foster an awareness of local, national, and global issues.  

The Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) plays a major role in the university’s fulfillment of core objectives. Started as an initiative by faculty committed to promoting student involvement in community and public life, the CCE opened officially on February 2, 2007.  We are a university institute designed to educate students in democratic values by actively engaging them as knowledgeable citizens in collaborative partnerships with their campus, local, state, national, and global communities. 

Since its inception, the CCE has organized dozens of on-campus events, including forums, conferences, debates, workshops, exhibitions, cultural gatherings and performances around several important themes including nonviolence, social justice and sustainability, the democratic process, and globalization.   The CCE now also offers a new minor in civic engagement as well as internships for academic credit. Please check out the active CCE Committees working to further the CCE message.

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