The Center for

Civic Engagement

Active citizenship is a core part of the mission of Hofstra University, which offers educational, cocurricular, and cultural programs and activities that foster an awareness of local, national, and global issues.

The Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) educates students in democratic values by actively engaging them as knowledgeable citizens in collaborative partnerships with their campus, local, state, national, and global communities.

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Philip Dalton
Associate Professor of Writing Studies and Rhetoric

Room 208 Mason Hall 
Phone: 516-463-5828
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Kali Winn
Graduate Assistant for On-Campus Events and Civic Literacy
MA Forensic Linguistics 2021

Gabriela Rojas
Graduate Assistant for Community Partnerships
MA Forensic Linguistics 2022

Undergraduate Fellows

Alexandra Attilli
Alexis Hughes
Anna Kizito
Antonia Moffa
Daria Valan
Isabella Burckhardt
Jasmin Cruz
Jenna Reda
Lauren Ballinger
Micaela Erickson
Olivia Tu
Rebecca Bero
Margaret Engel
Damali Ramirez
Joany Espinal
Sage Wenninghoff

Director - Philip Dalton, Ph.D.

Advisory Board Chair - Christopher Niedt, Ph.D.

  • Karen Albert, Director, Hofstra University Museum of Art
  • Alicia Bosley, Assistant Professor of Counseling and Mental Health Professions
  • Scott Brinton, Professor, Department of Journalism, Media Studies, and Public Relations
  • Athelene Collins, Senior Associate Director, Hofstra Cultural Center
  • Craig Dalton, Associate Professor of Global Studies and Geography
  • Philip Dalton, Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Public Advocacy
  • Carolyn Eisenberg, Professor of History
  • Stephanie Freese, EdD, Women's Diversity Network
  • Paul Fritz, Associate Professor of Political Science, Director Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Debra Goodman, Professor of Specialized Programs in Education
  • David Green, Professor of Political Science
  • Martine Hackett, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Health Professionals and Kinesiology
  • Kari Jensen, Associate Professor of Global Studies and Geography
  • Lauren Burignat-Kozol, Associate Dean of Honors College
  • Aashish Kumar, Professor of Radio, Television, Film
  • Andrea Libresco, Professor of Teaching, Literacy and Leadership
  • Linda Longmire, Professor of Global Studies and Geography
  • Margaret Melkonian, Executive Director, Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives
  • Martin Melkonian, Adjunct Associate Professor of Economics
  • Lisa Merrill, Professor of Rhetoric and Public Advocacy
  • Mario Murillo, Vice Dean Herbert School of Communication; Professor of Radio, Television, Film
  • Chris Neidt, Associate Professor of Applied Social Research in the Department of Sociology
  • Andrea Nerlich, Associate Professor of Counseling and Mental Health Professions
  • Rosanna Perotti, Professor of Political Science
  • Anthony Robinson, Associate Dean/Executive Director for Center for Educational Access and Success
  • Cindy Rosenthal, Professor of Drama and Dance
  • Yasser Salem, PT, PhD, NCS, PSC, Program Director and Professor Physical Therapy Program
  • Benita Sampedro, Dorothy and Arthur Engle Distinguished Prof in Literature and Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Katrina Sims, Assistant Professor of History
  • Sandi Stacki, Professor of Teaching, Learning and Technology
  • Mary Anne Trasciatti, Professor of Rhetoric and Public Advocacy


Community Partnerships

CCE has organized dozens of ...

On-Campus Events

 ... forums, conferences, debates, workshops, exhibitions, cultural gatherings, and performances around several important themes including nonviolence, social justice, sustainability, the democratic process, and globalization.