Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Radio, Television, Film is to prepare students to live and work in a complex world of cultural diversity and changing technologies while developing a sense of ethical responsibility in the practice of mediated communication. Through courses and extracurricular activities, students are immersed in hands-on practice while also studying the theories and models that influence their chosen fields of interest so that they can develop their individual voice and vision and more fully realize their potential as creative storytellers, leaders, and members of the community.

Department Goals and Objectives

  • I. Students will learn to communicate effectively;
    • Objective A: Demonstrate proficiency in written work;
    • Objective B: Demonstrate the ability to effectively apply oral presentation techniques in various communication settings;
    • Objective C: Apply the principles of interpersonal communication in collaborative production work
  • II. Students will develop their creative voices;
    • Objective A: Apply media writing and production techniques to create original projects;
    • Objective B: Apply and incorporate major concepts and practical approaches in a culminating experience;
  • III. Students will acquire a theoretical, historical, conceptual, and critical understanding of radio, television, and/or film;
    • Objective A: Demonstrate an understanding of Radio, TV, Film by critically analyzing one’s own work and the work of others;
    • Objective B: Construct solutions to production problems using the major theories and concepts in their respective disciplines;
    • Objective C: Demonstrate an understanding of the history of radio, television, and/or film.
  • IV. Students will learn how to create quality audio, video, and/or cinematic work using current and evolving technologies while learning the production process for radio, television, film, and online content;
    • Objective A: Describe and analyze elements in the production process;
    • Objective B: Apply the fundamental concepts of production in radio, television, and/or film to complete a media project;
    • Objective C: Demonstrate proficiency in using the current and evolving hardware and software applications.
  • V. Students will be prepared to pursue careers in media and media-related outlets or graduate studies in a related discipline.
    • Objective A: Complete a professional internship;
    • Objective B: Discuss the input and feedback from recent alumni (not tied to specific courses; will survey recent alumni every five years);
    • Objective C: Explore the opportunities for graduate studies.