Student Access Services

Syllabi Statement for Faculty Regarding Accommodations

Students who need accommodations for a disability should contact Student Access Services (SAS). In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, qualified individuals with disabilities will not be discriminated against in programs, or services available at Hofstra University. Individuals with disabilities are entitled to accommodations designed to facilitate full access to all programs and services. SAS is responsible for coordinating disability-related accommodations and will provide students with documented disabilities accommodation letters, as appropriate.

Please note that accommodations may require early planning and are not retroactive; please contact SAS as soon as possible. All students are responsible for providing accommodation letters to each instructor and for discussing with the instructor the specific accommodations needed and how they can be best implemented in each course. For more information on services provided by the University and for submission of documentation, please contact Student Access Services, Room 107 Mack Student Center,, 516-463-7075.

Students who are pregnant, who wish to request adjustments related to their pregnancy or pregnancy-related condition, such as opportunities to make up missed work, excused absence from class, or extensions, should contact Student Access Services, Room 107 Mack Student Center,, 516-463-7075. Students who wish to learn more about how the University supports students who are pregnant in continuing their education should contact the Title IX Officer Coordinator for Student Issues at 516-463-5841 or

Students who experience a medical event (e.g., hospitalization) or who have a short-term health condition (longer than 10 days), including a COVID-19-related condition, which they believe may require temporary adjustments to participate in class, please contact:

Student Access Services
Room 107 Mack Student Center

Students seeking an academic leave of absence from the University (i.e., for a minimum of one full fall or spring semester) should visit our Academic Leave and Withdrawal page for more information.