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Pre-Med/Pre-Health in HCLAS
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Pre Med/Pre Health in HCLAS

Pre-med, pre-health students can choose any major as long as they fulfill the pre-requisite requirements for the chosen profession. As noted elsewhere, the requirements for the Biology, Biochemistry and Health Sciences majors include all of the pre-requisite courses for most health professions. In addition, Hofstra University offers two distinct programs that provide students with the opportunity to obtain a well-rounded liberal arts education which includes all of the prerequisite courses recommended by medical schools.

The Bachelor of Science in Pre-Medical Studies is an interdisciplinary degree for those students who are interested primarily in science. This degree includes all science, mathematics, and statistics courses required for entrance into medical, dental, or veterinary school, as well as more advanced and specialized work in the sciences that is of particular relevance to students planning a professional career in health-related sciences. Incorporation of all of the biology and chemistry pre-requisite courses into the requirements for this interdisciplinary degree enables students to simultaneously pursue other academic interests in addition to the sciences. As a BS degree, this program has reduced general education requirements and no language requirement. View a complete program description

The Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Medical or Pre-Health Studies with a Concentration in the Humanities or the Social Sciences is designed for those students whose academic interests are primarily in the humanities (literature, languages, philosophy) or social sciences (anthropology, geography, global studies, speech sciences). Students in this major will complete all of the science and mathematics courses required and recommended for entrance into medical, dental, or veterinary school as well as reduced requirements for a major in one of humanities or a social science. Concentrations in this program are currently available in Anthropology, Classics, Geography, Global Studies, Philosophy, Religion, and Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences. Since this is a BA degree, it also includes all BA general education requirements, including the full distribution, writing, and language requirements. View a complete program description

Interdisciplinary Science Seminars

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences also offers, through the Department of Biology, a series of interdisciplinary science problem-solving seminars. These seminars consist of small groups of students working with peer teachers – highly qualified advanced undergraduate students in the sciences. The groups of students work together on problems designed to sharpen critical thinking skills and help students integrate the vast amounts of material learned in the basic science courses into a more coherent and cohesive whole. There are four seminars in the series; each is a 1 credit course.

Emergency Medicine

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences also offers two clinical experienced-based courses: PRMD 20, Emergency Medicine Clinical Information Management and PRMD 21, Emergency Medicine Clinical Information Management Internship.

  • PRMD 20 Emergency Medicine Clinical Information Management In this 2-semester-hour course, offered January and in the Summer, students will learn the fundamentals of clinical practice in emergency medicine, for example, medical terminology, the elements that constitute a patient history and the performance of a physical examination, and how to document and manage clinical information and enter physicians orders into the medical information management system. Classes will be taught at Northwell Hospital.
  • PRMD 21 Emergency Medicine Clinical Information Management InternshipIn this 2-semester-hour course, offered Fall and Spring, students who have taken PRMD 20 and mastered the fundamentals of clinical information management and of the operation of an emergency medicine department will have the opportunity to work with emergency medicine attending physicians as clinical information managers. Students will spend 6 hours per week working in the emergency medicine department at one of the affiliated hospitals of the Northwell Hospital system.

Finally, for students who are about to take the MCAT exam, there is a specialized prep course (PRMD 1), offered through the Department of Writing Studies and Composition, designed to help students perform well on the verbal section of the exam.

First-Year Experience: Hofstra offers an integrated curriculum for first-year students interested in pre-medical and pre-health studies. Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences First-Year Connections Program (FYC) offers special, dedicated sections of 3 of the courses required for admission to professional schools, and these sections are open only to first-year students. The cluster of courses, known as Pre-Health Sciences Cluster, provides a total of 11 semester hours of coursework for a group of first-year students who take biology, chemistry, and first-year composition (WSC 1) together as a community. The Pre-Health Sciences Cluster WSC 1 course emphasizes writing in the sciences, and this cluster as a whole creates a support group of peers, all first-year students who share common interests and goals.

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