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Residential Operations

Facilities and Management help for Hofstra Residential Students
Phone Number: 516-463-4140
E-mail: Reslife[at]hofstra.edu

Meet the Staff

Novia Ramsay-Director of Residential Operations
Michael Perlmutter-Assistant Director of Residential Operations

Facilities Student Staff

John Palastis-Graduate Assistant
Emily DiLaura-Graduate Assistant

Donald Kelly-Undergraduate Assistant

Brian Kelly-Undergraduate Student

Dan Leahy-Undergraduate Assistant

Daniel Nokelty-Undergraduate Assistant

Michael Perez-Undergraduate Assistant

Antreise Lacey-Undergraduate Assistant

*Please Note: Student staff members work in area and will be the members of our team entering your space. If we have been in your room, a card reassuring you of our visit will be present. Before entering a room, our staff announces themselves, knocks, and waits a few minutes before keying into the room. The staff is only there to abide by your specific request and will not touch anything but that area of the room.

Residential Operations

Lofting, Bunking, and raising your bed


Due to the high number of lofting requests we receive in an academic year, we reserve all loft spaces for those in tower singles, or those in tower quads and triples*Please note: we will only loft one bed per room)


Only available for multi-occupancy rooms such as a double, triple, etc. We can bunk your bed to maximize your space only.


Take the current frame and raise it higher or lower

Reporting a Maintenance Issue in Your Room

 Residents are required in most instances to submit work orders for any maintenance issues within their residence hall.


Non-Emergency work orders may be reported using the online maintenance request form, found on the Hofstra Portal under the Student Service > Residence Life menu. Please be as detailed as possible when describing the problem.

To enter a work order:

  1. Log into http:/my.hofstra.edu
  2. Click on the "Applications Tab" in the top left hand corner.
  3. Select WebTMA
  4. Disable Pop-Up blocker.
  5. Enter a phone number and accurate information concerning building, floor, and room.
  6. Provide a concise description of the problem.

Emergency concerns should not be reported using the online maintenance request form. Emergency concerns include repairs that are necessary to eliminate a clear threat to personal and residential safety and facility damage.

Examples of emergency concerns to be reported immediately are:

  • Lock Changes
  • Security Concerns
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Broken Glass
  • Active Leaks
  • Electrical Issues
  • Extermination issues
  • Extreme Custodial issues

Emergency issues recognized during business hours (Monday - Friday; 9am-5pm) should be called into the Office of Residential Operations at 516-463-4140. After business hours, please contact Public Safety at 516-463-6606 for assistance. You may also contact the Resident Assistant on Duty in your building for assistance if the emergency occurs after business hours.

Note: Refusing entry for scheduled maintenance can result in delays to complete the work, and could also subject you to fines and/or disciplinary action. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us prevent, identify and correct maintenance concerns within our residence halls.

Fire and Emergency Safety

Acting in a manner that endangers, or may potentially endanger, the life or safety of others. Examples of fire and emergency safety violations include but are not limited to:

  • Improper Evacuation – Failing to immediately evacuate any facility when a fire alarm has been sounded or hindering or impairing the orderly evacuation of any University facility; or
  • Noncompliance with Safety Personnel – Disobeying a directive given by any University or fire safety official in connection with a fire, alarm, or other emergency/safety matter; or
  • Jeopardizing Equipment – Tampering with, misusing, or damaging fire/safety equipment (e.g., alarms, any fire alarm system's device, fire extinguishers, we have no hoses, sprinkler system and the components there of, emergency light, fire-rated door and it's appliances
  • Unintentional Fire – Causing a fire through the use of prohibited items as outlined in The Living Factor; or
  • False Report – Falsely reporting a fire, bomb threat, or other situation thus creating a safety hazard; or
  • Malicious Fire – Intentionally setting a fire; or purposing causing an incident that causes an alarm activation for no apparent reason
  • Laws/Policies/Guidelines – Violating New York state laws on fire safety as well as the University's fire safety guidelines and all related policies as outlined in The Living Factor.
Work Request System Tutorial



A year-round painting schedule is in effect for all University buildings and residence halls. Should a resident's room be scheduled for painting, the resident will be notified approximately 5-7 working days in advance and compliance is mandatory. Residents are encouraged to store all personal and loose belongings in a safe place. Residents with allergies can be given alternative housing the evening after the painting has occurred. Residence hall rooms may not be painted by any individual but a University personnel. Failure to have the room prepared as scheduled and/or violation of this policy will result in judicial action and/or fines.

Snow Removal/Parking Restrictions

December through March are potential snow months. As the snow accumulates, parking fields and roadways must be cleared. This task can be accomplished quickly and easily if vehicles are not scattered throughout the campus. When there is a threat of snow, please make every effort to park near other vehicles in areas instructed by the university.

For more information and a map of parking restrictions see our Snow Removal/Parking Restrictions notice. [PDF]

Parking Restrictions During Snow

Parking fields 1 and 1A have been designated snow emergency parking areas for faculty, administration, staff, and commuting students. These areas are located east of California Avenue, behind Monroe Lecture Center. Resident students (Towers, Netherlands, Nassau/Suffolk) are requested to restrict their parking to field 7, east of Oak Street and west of the towers. ALL PARKING ALONG COLONIAL DRIVE WILL BE PROHIBITED All vehicles should be moved to parking fields 6C and 6D. Signs and barricades will be put in place, and all vehicles will need to be moved prior to the snow.

Vehicles parked in areas other than designated snow emergency parking areas will be towed at owner's expense and risk. If a student is asked to move his/her vehicle and refuses to do so, that student will face the University judiciary system for disciplinary action and a fine. Your cooperation in complying with this request will be of great assistance to the Physical Plant Department and will increase efficiency of snow removal. Thank you for your cooperation.

Health and Safety Inspections and Follow Up

The Office of Residence Life is required to conduct Health and Safety inspections of each room once a semester. If a student does not have any violations in their room they will be left a yellow card documenting the inspection has occurred and there were no violations present. If a student is in violation of any residence life or fire code policies, they will receive a form indicating which Residence Life staff members conducting the inspection, what the violation was, where it was located, and the appropriate follow up that will occur (confiscation of the item by Residence Life or a re-inspection of the space within 48 hours.) Residential Operations conducts all room re-inspections and makes a final determination if the student is in violation and should receive one of the following: a warning, or a fine that is pursuant to the terms described in The Living Factor. If a student is found to have a violation in their room, they will receive a letter outlining the violation and the sanction associated. Students have the ability to appeal any fine. All appeals must be submitted in writing to the Office of Residence Life located in room 244 Mack Student Center. Please review the "Prohibited Items Tutorial" below to become more familiar with the items that may result in a violation.

Prohibited Items Tutorial

Lost Key Reporting

In the event a student loses or breaks a key they should report to the Office of Residence Life located in room 126 of the Wellness & Campus Living Center (next to Hofstra USA).  The student will then have to fill out a form indicating that a key is lost or broken.  If a student loses a key after 5 PM or on the weekend, they can contact the Office of Public Safety via phone at 516-463-6606 to allow them access to their residence hall space.

Rental Insurance

It is recommended that you safeguard your belongings; please contact your insurance agent to inquire about options such as renters insurance. The University does not reimburse for lost or damaged items.


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