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Earn a Bachelor of Arts and an MFA in Creative Writing in Five Years

Hofstra's School of Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts offers students a streamlined, cost-effective, and focused way to earn both an undergraduate and graduate degree in less time than if each degree was pursued separately.

For English majors interested in

  • continuing to pursue their passion for creative writing
  • acquiring teaching credentials
  • earning the most advanced degree in their field

Hofstra offers a dual-degree BA/MFA in English and Creative Writing. This program recognizes that some highly talented students are capable of undertaking graduate work before completing their undergraduate degree.

Consequently, the dual-degree program allows such students to use up to 12 semester hours of masters' course work to satisfy both graduate and undergraduate requirements.


Students complete 12 master's level courses, and up to four of those courses are used to satisfy undergraduate as well as graduate requirements. This allows students to complete the combined BA and MFA degrees in English in five years with a minimum of 148 semester hours rather than 160 semester hours. (Please refer to the bulletin for a detailed breakdown of semester hours)

Separate BA and MFA DegreesDual-Degree BA/MFA
Undergraduate Credits 124 Undergraduate Credits 112
Graduate Credits 36 Graduate Credits 36
Total Credits 160 Total Credits 148

Admission Requirements:

Please refer to the bulletin

Contact Us:

If you have questions about the BA/MFA Dual-Degree program, please email English[at]hofstra.edu.

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