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Global Studies and Geography and Get Global Co-Host Chinese Diversity Dinner

On Thursday, May 3rd, Get Global and the Department of Global Studies and Geography co-hosted a Chinese Diversity Dinner and End of Semester party.  Over 40 attendees, including students, faculty and staff enjoyed a hot buffet which included chicken and vegetables, spring rolls, and rice as well as a dessert of fruit and cakes celebrating our graduating seniors.

Department Chair Dr. Grant Saff welcomed everyone and announced the winner of the Inaba Memorial Scholarship, Global Studies and Geography major Alishbah Saddiqui. Get Global President Emma Rossetti thanked everyone for coming and introduced the guest speaker, Dr. Ying Qiu, who is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the department as well as the Director of the Asia Center.  Dr. Qiu spoke about her experiences growing up in China and how important family is to the culture. She shared how Chinese parents prioritize education, and explained the sacrifices they will make to ensure that their children have the best opportunities to succeed. Students asked questions about the college learning environment in China, which differs greatly from that at in the United States. For example, students asking questions is seen as disrespectful to the professor in Chinese culture, while most classes in the U.S. encourage students to ask questions if they do not understand the content. Finally, some students who are also of Chinese descent shared their experiences with the differences between Chinese and U.S. culture.

Visit our Flickr page to view additional photos from the dinner.