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Faculty from the Global Studies and Geography Department Present at Faculty Research Day

Two of our department’s professors showcased their work at the Faculty Research Day held on Wednesday, September 27th in Hofstra’s Student Center. Dr. Kari Jensen, Associate Professor of Global Studies and Geography, focused on her research of female child domestic workers in Bangladesh, while Dr. Craig Dalton, Assistant Professor of Global Studies and Geography, looked at the accessibility for pedestrians and bicycles at intersections along Sunrise Highway in Nassau County. Both posters were of great success, attracting fellow faculty and students. In learning of just a few of the varied applications of geographical data, many students became interested in the ever growing field of geography.

Faculty Research Day is an annual event, held in the Fall, offering an opportunity for faculty campus-wide to highlight the various projects and research they are either in the midst of or have completed.  The work is presented in a poster format with the participants available for discussion.  This offers fellow faculty as well as students the opportunity to learn about the breadth of work being done across the different disciplines on campus.  In addition to the professional discourse between faculty, students are able to explore the various possibilities they can pursue in their chosen field of study and discover new avenues they were previously unaware of.

Overall, the day was positive and educational for participants and attendees.  Visit our Flickr page for additional photos from the event.

Fall 2017 Faculty Research Day