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Music Library Select Internet Resources

Selected Internet Resources for Music:


Free Music Archive
   "The Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads. The Free Music Archive is being directed by WFMU, the most renowned freeform radio station in America. Radio has always offered the public free access to new music. The Free Music Archive is a continuation of that purpose, designed for the age of the internet." Browsable by genre, the FMA includes a broad range of contemporary and historic styles.

Music from India
   "The recordings featured in this collection were all recorded by the recordist and ethnomusicologist, Rolf Killius, as part of a collaborative project between Rolf, The British Library and the Horniman Museum. The aim of the project entitled Traditional Music in India and set up in 2000 has been to record, document and research folk, devotional and ritual music of India, and to collect and document relevant musical instruments."

National Jukebox: Historical Recordings at the Library of Congress
    This is a significant effort by the Library of Congress working with the major record labels to make historical recordings available via internet streaming free of charge. The initial release includes 10,000 78rpm recordings made between 1901 and 1925 on the Victor label.

Style guides:

Citing Music Sources in Your Essay and Bibliography - the 2007 version
   Style sheet for citing musical sources in essays and bibliographies. Updated to follow most recent edition of Turabian.

Sources: Their use and acknowledgement
   Dartmouth College's comprehensive approach to citing sources, includes examples in APA and Science [journal] (sciences) and MLA (humanities)

Online Sheet Music:

Duke University: Sheet Music Collections
   Lists sheet music collections around the U.S. withlinks to those having online collections.

Harvard University: Loeb Music Library - Digital Scores Collection
   Includes early editions of works by members of the Bach family, Mozart, Verdi, and the Harvard Glee Club's Harvard Song Book.

International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP)/Petrucci Project
   "IMSLP attempts to create a virtual library containing all public domain musical scores, as well as scores from composers who are willing to share their music with the world without charge." Recently added the first 40 volumes of Das Chorwerk.
   On August 29, 2011 it was announced that an "agreement has been reached between IMSLP and the Werner Icking Music Archive (WIMA) to merge, with the result that WIMA’s entire collection of files will be moved to IMSLP. These consist of some 65,000 scores and many more audio files, meaning that WIMA will end up as IMSLP’s biggest community project."

Music Library Scores Collection (UMich)
   "This resource is comprised of scores held in the Music Library's general and special collections. Works featured here represent a variety of styles and genres, including songs, solo and chamber music, operas, and compositions for orchestra. Highlights include numerous works by Austrian composer Ignaz Brüll as well as material -- much of it folksong related -- collected by American composer and conductor Kurt Schindler."

   Free Public Domain sheet music and recordings of classical pieces.

Sibley Music Library: Musical Scores
   "Scores and books in the public domain. Many of these are unique to the Sibley Music Library collection." Sibley runs an "on demand" digitizing service adding public domain materials from their collections.

Associations and Societies:

Society for American Music
   "The mission of The Society for American Music is to stimulate the appreciation, performance, creation and study of American music in all its diversity, and the full range of activities and institutions associated with that music. "America" is understood to embrace North America, including Central America and the Caribbean, and aspects of its cultures everywhere in the world."

American Musicological Society (AMS)
   The AMS supports the advancement of research in the various fields of music. Its site includes the AMS Newsletter, and links to various musicological programs and projects, including Doctoral Dissertatons in Musicology.

International Musicological Society (IMS)
   The IMS supports the advancement of musicological research on the basis of international co-operation. Their site includes a useful directory of members, links to other musicological organizations and lists of forthcoming conferences.

Society for Ethnomusicology
   SEM was founded in 1955 to promote the research, study, and performance of music in all historical periods and cultural contexts. At present, the Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM) has more than 2,000 members from six continents.

Society for Music Theory
   The Society for Music Theory was founded in 1977. The Society holds annual meetings, publishes two journals (Music Theory Spectrum and Music Theory Online), and encourages scholarly excellence by giving awards for outstanding publications in music theory.

ICTM (International Council for Traditional Music)

Updated: Jan. 29, 2018

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