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Hofstra Art Education

Fine Arts Education

About the Programs

Art Project, Hofstra Art Education Hofstra's School of Education on Long Island, New York, offers a bachelor of science, master of science and a master of arts in fine arts education.

Art education students are taught by Hofstra University faculty from the departments of fine arts as well as education. Since class size is small, students enjoy individualized attention from their professors. Most classes are scheduled in the late afternoon and early evening for the convenience of those with daytime employment.

Hofstra's art education programs embrace a view of art that celebrates basic art traditions and materials as well as the ever-changing forms of popular art and culture. Foundational to the program is an understanding of the role of art in the perceptual, emotional and cognitive development of children and adolescents. An understanding of aesthetics and art history and how these subjects can help children make meaning of and respond to their world are central to the program. Competency in the arts as well as guiding students to be artful educators is of critical importance. Hofstra's art education students study major disciplines of the field of education, such as special education, theories of cognition and learning and integrated learning. Additionally, literacy and information technology are incorporated throughout the program. The program prepares teachers to be strong advocates for the arts.

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Fine Arts Education Programs

B.A. in Fine Arts and M.S.Ed in Fine Arts Education

Hofstra University offers an accelerated BA in Fine Arts and MSEd in Fine Arts Education, that is designed to provide highly motivated, qualified students with the opportunity to complete requirements for both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in a shortened time frame.

View more information on the B.A. in Fine Arts and M.S.Ed in Fine Arts Education program.

B.S.Ed. in Fine Arts Education

This program leads to certification as a teacher of the visual arts in all grades in New York state. The aim of this program is to provide prospective teachers with comprehensive knowledge and skills in the fine arts which, together with fundamental courses in education, will lead to public school teaching. Special subject programs are designed to blend on-campus preparation with field experiences in a variety of school settings, culminating in full-time student teaching. Literacy, multicultural education, and information technology are integrated throughout all aspects of the programs. This program is in conformity with standards for art teacher preparation published by the National Art Education Association, the New York State Art Education Association, and the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts.

View more information on the Fine Arts Education, BSEd program.

M.S. Ed. in Fine Arts Education

This 38-credit program leads to initial certification as a teacher in visual arts in all grades. The program is designed to provide students who have completed baccalaureate studies in fine arts and art history with course work and field experiences in fine arts education, resulting in effective public school teaching. This program blends on-campus preparation with field experiences in a variety of school settings, culminating in full-time student teaching. It conforms with New York State Learning Standards for the Arts and with recommendations for teacher preparation by the National Art Education Association.

View more information on the Fine Arts Education, MSEd program.

Advanced Certificate in Fine Arts Education

The 26-credit certificate program in fine arts and music education (all grades) leads to initial New York state certification for elementary, middle, and secondary school teachers. This program is intended for individuals who hold a master’s degree or higher. Students are required to have a major or equivalent (a minimum of 40 s.h. for music and a minimum of 48 s.h. for fine arts) in an appropriate content area (or related area) during either their undergraduate or graduate study.

View more information about the Fine Arts and Music Education, Adv. Cert. program.

Doctoral Program in Learning and Teaching: Art Education Concentration

The Doctoral Program in Learning and Teaching leads to the degree of Doctor of Education (Ed.D.). The program prepares students to work as educational researchers, curriculum developers, teacher educators, professional-development providers, and mentor teachers in schools, universities, and other educational settings. The program enables students to acquire broad and deep knowledge of processes of learning and teaching, to develop research skills with quantitative and qualitative methods, and to complete an individualized program of studies in an area of specialization. Students also complete qualifying procedures and dissertation projects under the supervision of an Adviser and two Doctoral Committee members with expertise in the area of specialization. The program requires a minimum of 60 semester hours beyond the master's degree that applicants are expected to hold.

Visit the Doctoral Program in Learning and Teaching Program website.