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Pride. Purpose. Service.

When students come to Hofstra University, they are charged with finding and acting upon their Pride and Purpose. One of the ways Hofstra students do this is through engaging in community service. Whether shoveling snow or raking leaves for local community members, dedicating Spring Break to disaster relief efforts, or raising money for childhood cancer research, the Pride is always eager to make a difference.

The Office of Commuting Student Services and Community Outreach and the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement spearhead a number of philanthropic opportunities for students throughout the year. Additionally, there are many academically-driven community service opportunities that benefit the community while educating students at Hofstra.


Shake-A-Rake 2018
Spring Break Community Outreach 2019
Pride and Plant 2019
Relay for Life 2019
11th Annual St. Baldrick's Day Fundraiser
Fuerza Puerto Rico