Current Issue

VOLUME 26 - Fall 2023

New York’s Green Jobs Future: Picking Up Speed?
by Gregory DeFreitas

Latest Labor Market Indicators

On the Front Lines in New York’s Energy Transition: A Conversation with Electricians Union Leader Chris Erikson
by Gregory DeFreitas

Why Workers Swing to the Right
by Alan Singer

Navigating Race and Class in Today’s Political Climate: Exclusive Excerpt from a New Book
by Michael Zweig

Work, Community and Activism in a Gentrifying Factory Town
By Ornov Ganguly

How Segrenomics Undermines U.S. Education Today
by Melanie Quackenbush


Regional Labor Review

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2023 Spring/Summer Job Trends in New York’s Finance & Insurance Sector: From the Great Recession to the COVID-19 Pandemic Vassilios N. Gargalas and Mario G. Corzo
2023 Spring/Summer Anti-Union Companies Are Anti-Worker: A Long Island Guide to Union Busting Alan Singer
2023 Spring/Summer A Future of More Democratic Workplaces and Communities? Gertrude Goldberg
2023 Spring/Summer LGBTQ+ Activism and the Labor Rights Movement Avery Pflieger
2023 Spring/Summer How Income Inequality Blocks Job and Pay Growth Amiri Lake
2023 Spring/Summer Feminism, Philosophy and Labor Rights: Drucilla Cornell from the Editor’s Desk
2022 Fall The State of New York Unions 2022 Gregory DeFreitas
2022 Fall Job Market Strengthens in the NY Metro Area, Fall 2022 Margo McCormack
2022 Fall New Labor Organizing in a New Industry: Cannabis Gregory DeFreitas
2022 Fall How Ordinary People Built Early Gotham and Its Workforce Alan Singer
2022 Fall Ethical Dilemmas of the Toxic 21st Century Workplace Jason Hernandez
2022 Fall Unions and Employers On The Move in 2022 Local Labor Snapshots
2022 Spring/Summer WHERE IS THE NEW YORK CITY ECONOMY HEADED? Gregory DeFreitas
2022 Spring/Summer Economic Despair, Sickness and Politics of the White Working Class Alan Singer
2022 Spring/Summer Employers, Unions and the Immigration Debate Geordy Canela
2022 Spring/Summer Essential Workers' Pandemic Struggle to "Deliver Justice:" A Conversation with Filmmaker Jing Wang Gregory DeFreitas
2022 Spring/Summer How Privatization of Public Services Threatens Democracy Weston Scheck
2022 Spring/Summer Career Delusions and Ludopolitics in the Gaming Industry Aidan Schmidt
2021 Fall Recovery At Risk: Will Covid and Inflation Stall the Jobs Rebound? Gregory DeFreitas
2021 Spring New York's Post-Pandemic Economy: Will Recovery Reshape Labor Prospects? Gregory DeFreitas
2021 Spring What Next for Central American Refugees? Undoing the Trump Administration Legacy Elise de Castillo
2021 Spring Russell Harrison: Work and Words Neil Donahue
2021 Spring In Search of an Autonomous and Meaningful Work Life George Caffentzis
2021 Spring Revaluing Our Work Inside and Outside the Home Silvia Federici
2021 Spring Battling Bro Culture at Uber Jessica Devous
2021 Spring If Truth Won’t Out, Break Down the Door Emma Trombetta
2020 Fall Virus Economics: An American Tragedy Robert Guttmann
2020 Fall How the Labor Movement Can Speed New York’s Recovery
A Conversation with NYC Labor Council President Vincent Alvarez
Gregory DeFreitas
2020 Fall There is Power in a Union: How I Became a Labor Activist Drucilla Cornell
2020 Fall Class, Caste and Race in the U.S. Rachel Horowitz
2020 Fall Confronting Sexual Harassment in the Corporate Workforce Lauren Sanford
2020 Fall How Did a $15 Minimum Wage Become an Achievable Goal? Lennart Seufert
2020 Spring/Summer New York’s Plague Year Economy: Reopening Into Recession or Recovery? Gregory DeFreitas
2020 Spring/Summer A Lifetime in Labor Education and Filmmaking: A Conversation with Academy Award Winner Julia Reichert Gregory DeFreitas
2020 Spring/Summer Dignity and Exploitation: Julia Reichert and Steven Bognar’s American Factory Rachel Horowitz
2020 Spring/Summer What Does the White Working Class Want? Aditya Lodha
2020 Spring/Summer High-Tech High Jinks, Low-Road Employment Nicholas Kapoor
2020 Spring/Summer How Male-Biased Design of Jobs and Health Care Endangers Working Women Hailie Donno
2019 Fall Union Women Celebrate 44th Annual Summer School at Hofstra  
2019 Fall Middle Class Crisis: Blaming the Victims for System Failure Sarah Dowd
2019 Fall A Labor Movement of Social Justice Activism: The Legacy of Hector Figueroa Gregory DeFreitas
2019 Fall New York’s Earnings Slowdown Gregory DeFreitas
2019 Fall New York’s New Sexual Harassment Laws: Fixing What Wasn’t Broken in the “Severe or Pervasive Standard” Ian-Paul A. Poulos
2019 Fall Why Arts Workers Want Unions: Inside Organizing Wins at MoMA & the Guggenheim Madeleine Disner
2019 Spring/Summer Racial Wage Gaps Across Major Metro Areas Gregory DeFreitas
2019 Spring/Summer Latest Trends in Key Labor Market Indicators: Spring 2019  
2019 Spring/Summer Enforcing New York City's New Worker Rights Laws: A Conversation with DCWP Commissioner Lorelei Salas Oren Levin-Waldman and Gregory DeFreitas
2019 Spring/Summer Is America Fated to a Future of Fast Food Jobs? Lusine Gazeryan
2019 Spring/Summer Tech Brogrammers Exposed in the #MeToo Era Kimberly Lum
2019 Spring/Summer Overworked and Underpaid in No-Vacation Nation Lindsey Parent
2018 Fall Why Is Wage Growth So Weak When Unemployment Is So Low? Gregory DeFreitas
2018 Fall Will Public Sector Unions Survive the Supreme Court's Janus Decision? Karen Fernbach
2018 Fall Refugees as Employees: Good Retention, Strong Recruitment David Dyssegaard Kallick & Cyierra Roldan
2018 Fall The Uberization of Work & Alternative Job Futures Massoud Fazeli
2018 Fall Labor Unions and Immigrants Battle Election-Year Challenges RLR Editors
2018 Spring Is New York's Public Sector Workforce Overpaid? Gregory DeFreitas
2018 Spring Defending Deportees: A Conversation with Deportation Defense Center Director Emily Torstveit Ngara Gregory DeFreitas
2018 Spring Understanding Recent Minimum Wage Increases Oren Levin-Waldman
2018 Spring Diving Off the Shore of Convention: Jennifer Egan's Manhattan Beach Drucilla Cornell
2017 Fall The State of New York Unions 2017 Gregory DeFreitas and Bhaswati Sengupta
2017 Fall Innovation and Institution: A Conversation With Sara Horowitz of The Freelancers' Union Sharryn Kasmir
2017 Fall Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Workplace Jenna Wyatt
2017 Fall The History of Food and Drink in New York Karla Freire
2017 Fall The Dark Side of DIY Rachel Goldblum
2017 Spring New York Unemployment Near Record Lows, But Are Major Job Sources at Risk? Gregory DeFreitas
2017 Spring Feminist Fight Clubs Battle Sexist Workplaces Marli Delaney
2017 Spring Immigration Economics in a Restrictionist Era Alex Hayes
2017 Spring Why Job Applicants Should Not Be Asked About Their Salary History Ian-Paul Poulos
2017 Spring Inside America's Biggest Worker-Owned Company: The Workers' Perspective at CHCA Niev Duffy and Gregory DeFreitas
2016 Fall Millennials in the Long Island Job Market: Underpaid and Underemployed Gregory DeFreitas
2016 Fall Inside America's Biggest Worker-Owned Company: The Management Perspective at CHCA Niev Duffy & Gregory DeFreitas
2016 Fall Black Youth Joblessness in Urban America: New Findings on a National Disgrace Robert Cherry
2016 Fall A Future of Hollow Democracy For Jobless Workers? Russell Harrison
2016 Spring The Gender Pay Gap in New York, 1995 to 2013 Bhaswati Sengupta
2016 Spring New Labor Organizing Of Low-Paid Workers Sharryn Kasmir
2016 Spring Cybertarian Struggles in the Gig Economy Russell Harrison
2016 Spring The Working Class Family in Crisis Kevin Kusmierz
2015 Fall New York's Lowest Paid Finally Win A Raise Gregory DeFreitas
2015 Fall Building A Labor-Community Movement: Make The Road New York Walter Barrientos
2015 Fall Beyond Pre-Dispute Arbitration Clauses in Employment Contracts: Time For Another Look Janet A. Lenaghan & Martha Weisel
2015 Fall Successful Strategies Against Workplace Sexism Keshanti Nandlall
2015 Fall Job Growth and Displacement in Immigrant Brooklyn Anthony Ferrufino
2015 Spring Long Island Pay Patterns Since the Great Recession Gregory DeFreitas
2015 Spring New Americans on Long Island – A Vital Fifth of the Economy David Dyssegaard-Kallick
2015 Spring Working Women With Disabilities: 25 Years Since the A.D.A. Carol Boyer
2015 Spring Accordion Families, Underemployed Youth Zachary Prout
2015 Spring New Technology, Deskilling and Workplace Power Russell Harrison
2014 Fall Has the Weak-Wage Recovery Picked Up Pace? Gregory DeFreitas
2014 Fall What Works in Training Low-Income Youth for Good Jobs: A Conversation with YEAR UP NEW YORK Robert Cherry
2014 Fall New York Farmworkers Fight for Labor Rights Emma Kreyche, Antonio Valeriano
2014 Fall Why Do Women Have a Growing Advantage in College Success? Emily Yonan
2014 Fall Invisible Workers, Essential Work Ben Jablon
2014 Fall How Habits Hone Consumer and Employee Behavior Jenna Wyatt
2014 Spring Job Growth Without Pay Growth Gregory DeFreitas
2014 Spring Worker Cooperatives in New York City: A Model for Addressing Income Inequality Noah Franklin, Chirag Bhatt, Fangye Zhao
2014 Spring Who Earns Minimum Wage in New York? Oren Levin-Waldman
2014 Spring Sex, Drugs & Sociology in the Underground Economy Michael Daniell
2014 Spring Tasteless Tomatoes & Slave Labor in Florida's Factory Farms Ian-Paul Poulos
2013 Fall Fast-Food Strikes, Union Lockouts and Labor Policy Debates: Snapshots of Local Labor Activities RLR Editors
2013 Fall The Coming Revolution in Employee-Owned Enterprises Luke Middleton
2013 Fall Long-Term Unemployment During and After the Great Recession Oren Levin-Waldman
2013 Fall An Economy Flying Into Political Headwinds Gregory DeFreitas
2013 Fall Combatting Rampant Wage Theft on Long Island: A Conversation with Its Chief Labor Law Enforcer Gregory DeFreitas
2013 Fall Labor Unions in Decline: Irrelevance, Homicide or Suicide? June Zaccone
2013 Spring Is The Middle Class Crumbling Into The Working Poor? Russell Harrison
2013 Spring The Great Recession and Civic Activism in New York Oren Levin-Waldman
2013 Spring Can Student Workers Organize a Global Corporate University? A Conversation with the UAW's Maida Rosenstein Paul Ryan & Gregory DeFreitas
2013 Spring Unions and Party Politics on Long Island Lillian Dudkiewicz-Clayman
2013 Spring Job Growth and Pay Austerity Gregory DeFreitas
2012 Fall Are Most Lawyers Doomed To Become Temps? Martha Weisel
2012 Fall Lawyering For Labor in an Anti-Union Era A Conversation with Beth Margolis Conrad Herold & Gregory DeFreitas
2012 Fall Income Inequality and Civic Participation In the New York City Metro Area Oren Levin-Waldman
2012 Fall The State of New York Unions 2012 Gregory DeFreitas & Bhaswati Sengupta
2012 Spring New York Regains Jobs, But Not Wage Growth Gregory DeFreitas
2012 Spring America's Working Class Majority: Continuity and Change Michael Zweig
2012 Spring Long Island Unions, Economic Development, And the Fight for Middle-Class Jobs: A Conversation with Labor Federation President John Durso Niev Duffy & Gregory DeFreitas
2012 Spring Making Trouble in the Workplace and the Novel Russel Harrison
2012 Spring Occupy Wall Street and Workers Rights Movements: Snapshots of Local Labor Activities, 2011-2012 RLR Editors
2011 Fall An Economy on the Edge: Fragile Recovery or Recessionary Relapse? Gregory DeFreitas and Bhaswati Sengupta
2011 Fall Latest Trends in Key Labor Market Indicators Bhaswati Sengupta
2011 Fall Jobs and Training for the Hard-Core Unemployed – Project STRIVE At 25: A Conversation with STRIVE CEO Rob Carmona Interview by Gregory DeFreitas
2011 Fall Arts of Work: Making Sense of Films About Working People and Their Jobs Alan Clardy
2011 Fall "Stayin' Alive" vs. "Getting Ahead" Today Book Review, by Russell Harrison
2011 Spring The Slow-Motion Recovery Bypasses Many New Yorkers Gregory DeFreitas
2011 Spring Teachers Confront the Assault on Public Sector Workers Alan Singer
2011 Spring Persistent Polarization in New York's Workforce Tarry Hum
2011 Spring Latest Trends in Key Labor Market Indicators: Spring 2011 Bhaswati Sengupta
2011 Spring Book Review: Dockworkers, Filmmakers and the NY Waterfront Louis Kern
2011 Spring Working Women's Fight for Labor Rights: 1911 and 2011 RLR Editors
2010 Fall Job Growth and Pay Declines in New York and Nationwide Gregory DeFreitas
2010 Fall Immigration’s Impacts on the Long Island Economy David Dyssegaard Kallick
2010 Fall Can Worker Coops Save American Manufacturing? Sharryn Kasmir
2010  Fall Latest Trends in Key Labor Market Indicators: Fall 2010 Bhaswati Sengupta
2010  Fall Book Review: Power, Protests and Public Schools Alan Singer
2010     Spring Recovery Hopes and Recession Realities  Gregory DeFreitas
2010     Spring Low-Wage Immigrant Organizing on Long Island Gregory Maney
2010     Spring Higher Education, but Lower Pay Russell Harrison
2010     Spring Latest Trends in Key Labor Market Indicators: Spring 2010 Bhaswati Sengupta
2010     Spring Making Sense of Economic Crisis & Popular Movements RLR Editors
2009 Fall Job and Immigration Trends in New York’s Largest Borough: Foreign-Born Female Labor Force of Queens, 1996–2009 Bhaswati Sengupta
2009 Fall Safety First: NYCOSH’s 30-Year Campaign: A Conversation with Executive Director Joel Shufro Vernon Mogensen
2009 Fall The Employee Free Choice Act: The Biggest Change in Labor Law in 60 Years Robert Quinn
John Leschak
2009 Fall Book Review: Out From the Shadows: Class and Labor in Film Noir David Friedkin
2009 Fall Jobs, Housing and Urban Development in Brooklyn: The Atlantic Yards Controversy: Correspondence Lee Zimmerman
2009 Fall Latest Trends in Key Labor Market Indicators: 2008 Bhaswati Sengupta
2009 Spring Preview – RLR Begins Its Second Decade Gregory DeFreitas
2009 Spring At the Epicenter of an Economic Earthquake: New York Confronts the Great Recession Gregory DeFreitas
2009 Spring Latest Trends in Key Labor Market Indicators: 2008 Bhaswati Sengupta
2009 Spring ACORN’s Fair Housing Fight in Working Class Communities: A Conversation with ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis Niev Duffy
2009 Spring The Broad Benefits of a Higher Minimum Wage: Interstate Impacts along Wage Contours Oren Levin Waldman
2009 Spring Book Review: Slave Labor in the Modern American Economy Russell Harrison
2009 Spring Construction Workers Can Police Industry For Safety: Correspondence Herman Benson
2009 Spring Snapshots of Local Labor Activities in 2008 RLR Editors
2008 Fall The Gender Pay Gap in New York City and Long Island: 1986–2006 Bhaswati Sengupta
2008 Fall New Community Organizing of Low-Wage Workers: A Conversation with Andrew Friedman of Make the Road New York Sharryn Kasmir
2008 Fall Deconstructing OSHA: The Case of Construction Vernon Mogensen
2008 Fall Food Prices Soar As Farmworkers Suffer:Agribusiness, Government and the Denial of Farm Labor Rights John Leschak
2008 Fall Book Review: New Hires, Job Tests and Commercial Brainwashing Russell Harrison
2008 Spring Deregulation, Bailouts and Job Loss: The Century’s Second Supply-Side Slump Gregory DeFreitas
2008 Spring Rival Pay and Benefit Strategies in Mass-Market Retail The “Costco Model” vs. the “Wal-Mart Way” Sharryn Kasmir
2008 Spring Can Undocumented Immigrants Have US Work Rights The Hoffman Decision and New Forms of Labor Power Samuel A. Butler
2008 Spring The Philosopher of Hope and Social Justice Remembering Richard Rorty Drucilla Cornell
2008 Spring Book Review:The Contested Terrain of Working Class Literature Russell Harrison
2007 Fall The State of New York Unions 2007 Gregory DeFreitas & Bhaswati Sengupta
2007 Fall Job Satisfaction and Employee Loyalty in a Global Corporation: People Strategy at PricewaterhouseCoopers Janet Lenaghan
2007 Fall Protection Against Pay Discrimination: Overcoming the Supreme Court’s Ledbetter Rulin Deborah L. Brake & Joanna L. Grossman
2007 Fall Book Review: Dangerous Work: Risky Jobs in Labor Literature Russell Harrison
2007 Fall Film Review: Career Success at What Cost? Work vs. Personal Life in The Devil Wears Prada Rafal Cebula & Debra Comer
2007 Spring Will New York's Recovery Stall in a National Economic Downshift? Gregory DeFreitas, Bhaswati Sengupta
2007 Spring Protecting Human Rights in a Global Economy: Government Responses to Day Labor Markets Gregory Maney,
2007 Spring New Union Initiatives on Job Creation and Affordable Housing: A Conversation with the AFL-CIO's Roger Clayman Rachel Kreier
2007 Spring The Future of Work: New Thinking on More Humane Possibilities; Book Review of Labor of Fire, by Bruno Gulli Anne O'Byrne
2007 Spring Hollywood's Take on the Working-Class Writer; Film Review of: Factotum, directed by Bent Hamer Russell Harrison
2007 Spring Snapshots of Local Labor Activities in 2006 RLR Editors
2006 Fall Anxious Anniversary: Is Recession Stalking the 5-Year-Old Recovery? Gregory DeFreitas
2006 Fall Keeping Coverage: A Public-Private Health Insurance Model For Low-Wage Workers Richard Winsten, Michael Hirsch
2006 Fall Can Construction Unions Organize New Immigrants? A Conversation with the Carpenters' Tony Martinez Gregory DeFreitas
2006 Fall Pay or Play: Why Youth Work in the United States Yasemin Besen
2006 Fall What Really Caused New York's Deadliest Factory Tragedy? Book Review of: Triangle, by David Von Drehle Louis Kern
2006 Fall The Middle-Class Professional At Risk; Book Review of: Bait and Switch, by B. Ehrenreich Russell Harrison
2006 Spring Benefits Battles and Budget Cuts in a Weak Job Market Gregory DeFreitas
2006 Spring The Wal-Mart Challenge to Union Organizing: Interview with UFCW Organizer Carlos Ramos Niev Duffy
2006 Spring Union Summer Ends and Labor's New Season Begins Rosemary Fantozzi
2006 Spring Blue-Collar Brains: Minds in Motion on the Manual Job Front; Book Review of: The Mind At Work, by Mike Rose Mathew Bodie
2006 Spring Class, Crime and Politics in New York's Construction; Book Review of: Empire Rising, by Thomas Kelly Russell Harrison
2006 Spring Book Review: Misbehavior and Dysfunctional Attitudes in Organizations, ed. by A. Sagie, S. Stashevsky, M. Koslowsky Mauritz D. Blonder
2006 Spring Film Review: The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit & Power Pratima Bansal,
2006 Spring Snapshots of Local Labor Activities in 2005 RLR Editors
2005 Fall Unemployment Falls, Inequality Rises: New York's Uneven Recovery Gregory DeFreitas
2005 Fall Union Organizing among Low-Wage Suburban Immigrants A New Series of Interviews with Union Organizers Niev Duffy
2005 Fall How Important is the Minimum Wage? Wage Contours and Job Impacts Oren Levin-Waldman
2005 Fall Job and Business Growth Among New Migrants: Rising Self-Employment in New York City Jonathan A. Schwabish, Jane E. Lynch
2005 Fall Book Review: Living Labour: Life on the Line at Peugeot France, by J-P. Durand and N. Hatzfeld Janet Lenaghan
2005 Spring The Roller Coaster Transformation of a Creative Economy Samuel Ehrenhalt
2005 Spring New York's Youth Employment Problems and Policies: A Conversation with the NYC Commissioner of Youth Gregory DeFreitas
2005 Spring Immigration Grows to Half of New York's Labor Force Tarry Hum
2005 Spring Retirement Benefits in an Unstable Employment Era: Harry Van Arsdale and the First American Pensions Mark Glenn Eskenazi
2005 Spring Book Review: Working Together, by Cynthia Estlund Grant Hayden
2005 Spring Snapshots of Local Labor Activities in 2004 RLR Editors
2004 Fall Organizing and Identity in the New York City Workfare Program Benjamin Dulchin, Sharryn Kasmir
2004 Fall Brooklyn's Changing Role in the New York Labor Market Rebecca Busansky
2004 Fall Professors on Picket Lines: Faculty Unions Confront New Job Pressures Gregory DeFreitas
2004 Fall Book Review: Take Back Your Time: Fighting Overwork and Time Poverty in America, ed. by John de Graaf Jeff Brice, Jr
2004 Fall Book Review: The Cheating Culture, by David Callahan Debra Comer
2004 Spring Job Deficits Deepen as Budget Deficits Explode: A Brief Guide to the Current Labor Market Recession Gregory DeFreitas
2004 Spring The Story Behind New York City's Greengrocer Code of Conduct: A Conversation with Patricia Smith Mathew Bodie
2004 Spring NewYorkTitlan: A Socioeconomic Profile of Mexican New Yorkers Francisco Rivera-Batiz
2004 Spring Professors on Strike and Immigrants on the March Snapshots of Local Labor Activities in 2003 RLR Editors
2003 Fall Profits and Productivity Up, Jobs and Wages Down: Mixed Prospects in a Jobloss Recovery Gregory DeFreitas
2003 Fall Fighting for Basic Human Rights in the Workplace: Lewis Maltby and the National Workrights Institute James M. Maloney
2003 Fall The Supreme Court's 2003 Employment Rulings: Surprising Gains for Workers and Women Joanna L. Grossman
2003 Fall Nontraditional Organizing of University and Museum Employees: Interview with the UAW's Maida Rosenstein Geraldine Casey
2003 Fall Does Saving Bernice Mean She Gets Nickel and Dimed? The Two Sides of the Welfare to Work Debate Robert Cherry
2003 Spring Jobless Recovery, Fiscal Crisis and Anti-Labor Policies Gregory DeFreitas
2003 Spring A Vision of Social Unionism: A Conversation with Artemio Guerra Sharryn Kasmir
2003 Spring Labor Relations in the New Century: An Interview with New York NLRB Director Celeste Mattina Mathew Bodie
2003 Spring Book Review: Working in America: Blueprint for a New Labor Market, by Paul Osterman, Louis J. Kern
2003 Spring Book Review: Nickel and Dimed: On Not Getting By in America by Barbara Ehrenreich. Vernon Mogensen
2003 Spring Snapshots of Local Labor Activities in 2002 RLR Editors
2002 Fall Global Tension, Local Recession and Recovery Prospects: New York's Economy One Year Later Gregory DeFreitas
2002 Fall Confronting Contingent Work Abuse in High Tech and Low-Tech Jobs C. Ruckelshaus,
2002 Fall Why New York Workers Lost Ground in the 1990s Moshe Adler
2002 Fall A Partial Legal Victory Against Continuing Discrimination: Amtrak v. Morgan Joanna L. Grossman
2002 Fall Book Review: Age Discrimination by Employers, by Kerry Segrave Grant Hayden
2002 Spring Recession and Rebuilding in the New York Economy Gregory DeFreitas
2002 Spring New Organizing and Social Unionism in Manufacturing: An Interview with U.N.I.T.E.'s President, Bruce Raynor Gregory DeFreitas
2002 Spring The Coming Health Care Crisis for New York Parents Niev Duffy
2002 Spring Women's Labor Rights Rulings in 2001: A Mixed Bag Joanna L. Grossman
2002 Spring Book Review: Immigrant Women Take on the Global Factory, by Miriam Ching Youn Louwie Anne O'Byrne
2002 Spring New York's Workers Respond to Crisis: Snapshots of Local Labor Activities in 2001 RLR Editors
2001 Fall Economic Ills, Uneven Impacts & New Wage Battles Gregory DeFreitas
2001 Fall The Growing Threat of Rogue Unions to the AFL-CIO Niev Duffy
2001 Fall Inside the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Interview with Spencer Lewis, New York's EEOC Director Marc Lee
2001 Fall Can Unions Win at Region-wide Low-wage Organizing? A Talk with Hector Figueroa of "Justice for Janitors" Gregory DeFreitas
2001 Fall Why Income Inequality is Worsening in New York City Oren Levin-Waldman
2001 Fall Book Review: From Ellis Island to JFK: New York's Two Great Waves of Immigration, by Nancy Foner Sharryn Kasmir
2001 Spring Will New York's Job Growth Crash in a National Slump? Gregory DeFreitas
2001 Spring Latino Women Organizing Immigrant Workers An Interview with UNITY Housekeepers Cooperative Drucilla Cornell
2001 Spring Building a Ladder to Jobs and Higher Wages Working Group NYC Low-Wage
2001 Spring Book Review: Working Class New York: Life and Labor Since World War II, by Joshua Freeman Vernon Mogenson
2001 Spring Snapshots of Local Labor Activities in 2000 RLR Editors
2000 Fall America's Working Class Majority Exclusive Excerpt of a New Book Michael Zweig
2000 Fall Labor Market Conditions and Election 2000 Gregory DeFreitas
2000 Fall Why Manufacturing Still Matters to New York City: An Interview with Adam Friedman Alice Meaker
2000 Fall Is "Comparable Worth" Worth It? The Potential Effects of Pay Equity Policy Heather Boushey
2000 Fall Book Review: Gotham Unbound: How New York City was Liberated from Organized Crime, by James Jacobs, et. al. Louis J. Kern
2000 Spring The Boom Breaks Records - but So Does Inequality Gregory DeFreitas
2000 Spring Privatization: You Don't Always Get What You Pay For Exclusive Excerpt of a New Book Elliott Sclar
2000 Spring Race, Labor and the Law: An Interview with Patricia J. Williams Drucilla Cornell
2000 Spring Police Fraternity and the Politics of Race and Class in NYC, 1941-60 Andrew Darien
2000 Spring Book Review: Latinos in New York: Communities in Transition, by Gabriel Haslip-Viera and Sherrie Bavers James Wiley
2000 Spring Snapshots of Local Labor Activities in 1999 RLR Editors
1999 Fall Job Growth and Wage Trends at Mid-Year 1999 Gregory DeFreitas, Lonnie Stevans
1999 Fall Recent Trends in the Gender Pay Gap in New York City & Long Island Niev Duffy
1999 Fall Human Rights, Foreign Workers and American Unions: An Interview with Charles Kernaghan Gregory DeFreitas
1999 Fall Book Review: From the Ashes of the Old: American Labor And America's Future, by Stanley Aronowitz Vernon Mogensen
1999 Spring Regional Job Growth and Wage Trends in 1998 Gregory DeFreitas, Lonnie Stevans
1999 Spring Trends in Wages, Employment and Economic Attitudes: New Findings from the Hofstra/Newsday Poll Lonnie Stevans
1999 Spring A New Union Movement for the New Economy: Interview with Jose Alvarez, AFL-CIO Regional Director Gregory DeFreitas
1999 Spring Glued to the Tube: Labor's Unlikely Victory for Computer Safety Suffolk County Vernon Mogensen
1999 Spring Book Review: American Dreaming: Immigrant Life on the Margins, by Sarah Mahler Sharryn Kasmir, Lisa Beneventano
1998 Fall Preview: Regional Labor Review Gregory DeFreitas
1998 Fall Regional Job Growth and Wage Trends through Mid-Year 1998 Gregory DeFreitas, Lonnie Stevans
1998 Fall The High Rate of Multiple Jobholding: Overworked and Underpaid? Lonnie Stevans
1998 Fall Organizing the Underground Immigrant Labor Force: Interview with Jennifer Gordon, The Workplace Project Sharryn Kasmir
1998 Fall Long Island's Ailing Health Care Benefits Niev Duffy
1998 Fall Long Island Labor: Constraints, Opportunities, And New Strategies Marc Silver
1998 Fall Book Review: Still the Promised City? African Americans and New Immigrants In Post-Industrial New York. by Roger Waldinger Gregory DeFreitas

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