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Faculty Experts

These experts are available for interviews. To contact these or other experts, please call the Hofstra University Public Relations office at (516) 463-6818.

| Presidential Campaign and Politics | Business and Economics | Legal Issues |

Presidential Campaign and Politics

Meena Bose, Peter S. Kalikow Endowed Chair in Presidential Studies; Director, Kalikow Center for the Study of the American Presidency
Lecturer for Washington Center course at Republican National Convention.
Expertise: Presidential election; presidential powers; history of the presidency; foreign policy.

Cynthia Bogard, Director, Center for Civic Engagement
Expertise: U.S. impact on the global environment; environmental activism.

Russell Burke, Professor of Biology
Expertise: Climate change and the presidential election.

Rebecca Curry, Instructor, Political Science
Expertise: Campaign finance reform, the courts & modern political campaigns

Philip Dalton, Assistant Professor of Speech Communication, Rhetoric and Performance Studies
Expertise: Political communication, political advertising, swing voters, political disaffection.

Michael D'Innocenzo, Harry H. Wachtel Distinguished Teaching Professor for the Study of Nonviolent Social Change
Expertise: Civic engagement; citizen/student activism, Civil Rights movement; immigration.

Susan Drucker, Professor of Journalism, Media Studies, Public Relations
Expertise: Presidential debates and media literacy; media ethics; libel.

Carolyn Dudek, Associate Professor of Political Science
Expertise: Presidential primaries and election, European and Latin American politics (fluent in Spanish).

Carolyn Eisenberg, Professor of History
Expertise: Iraq war; Guantanamo Bay; history of presidential elections

Leslie Feldman, Professor of Political Science
Expertise: American politics; the presidency; presidential elections.

Paul Fritz, Assistant Professor, Political Science
Expertise: Technology and defense policy; national security, arms control, missile defense, terrorism; the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Iranian nuclear issue.

David Green, Associate Professor of Political Science
Attended Democratic National Convention with Hofstra students; led a student trip to New Hampshire for three days leading up to that state's primary.
Expertise: American politics; International politics; the Bush presidency; presidential elections; presidential politics; domestic politics and the Iraq war.

Richard Himelfarb, Associate Professor of Political Science
Attended Democratic National Convention with Hofstra students; led a student trip to New Hampshire for three days leading up to that state's primary.
Expertise: Presidential politics; health care and government; Social Security.

Katrina Kuh, Associate Professor of Law
Expertise: Federal response to climate change.

Corinne Kyriacou, Assistant Professor, School of Education, Health and Human Services
Expertise: Health care policy.

Lawrence Levy, Executive Director, National Center for Suburban Studies Expertise: Presidential election and suburban issues and voters; New York state and Long Island politics.

Jonathan Lightfoot, Assistant Professor, School of Education, Health and Human Services
Expertise: Educational policy issues and the presidential campaign; No Child Left Behind; the achievement gap; school choice.

Gregory Maney, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sociology
Expertise: Immigration issues.

Christopher Niedt, Assistant Professor, Applied Social Research
Expertise: Suburbia

Sarah Novak, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Expertise: Political ads in the presidential campaign; persuasion and interpersonal influence.

Bob Papper, Director, RTNDA/Hofstra University Annual Survey on the State of Local Television and Radio News; Chair, Journalism, Media Studies, Public Relations
Expertise: Media coverage of the presidential campaign; future of the media industry.

Roseanna Perotti, Chair, Political Science Department
Expertise: Political parties and the voter; voter preferences; campaign finance; the presidential nomination process.

Susan Yohn, Professor of History
Expertise: Women and the presidency; women's political rights.

Business and Economics

Herman Berliner, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Lawrence Herbert Distinguished Professor
Expertise: Economic issues; economics of education.

Barry Berman, Walter H. Miller Distinguished Professor of Marketing and International Business
Expertise: China, Chinese marketing and products, retail management.

Robert Campbell, Associate Professor of Finance
Expertise: The mortgage crisis and the presidential campaign; real estate.

Gregory DeFreitas, Director, Center for the Study of Labor and Democracy
Expertise: Job and pay trends; economics of immigration; earnings inequality; youth unemployment.

Joel Evans, RMI Distinguished Professor of Business
Expertise: Marketing trends; consumer trends; retail; online retail; big box companies; ethics in marketing.

Robert Guttmann, Chair, Economics Department
Expertise: Monetary economics; public finance; international economics; economic integration in the European Union.

Ahmet Karagozoglu, Associate Professor of Finance
Expertise: Futures markets; commodities markets; risk management.

Andrew Spieler, Associate Professor, Finance
Expertise: Real estate, mortgages, corporate governance.

Legal Issues

Nora Demleitner, Professor of Law and Dean, Hofstra Law School
Expertise: Criminal sentencing, death penalty and immigration

Janet Dolgin, Jack and Freda Dicker Distinguished Professor of Health Care Law
Expertise: Stem cell research, medical ethics; health care law.

Eric Freedman, Maurice A. Deane Distinguished Professor of Constitutional Law
Expertise: Constitutional law; history; civil and criminal procedure and strategy; death penalty; First Amendment and other civil liberties issues; Guantanamo Bay detainees.

Monroe Freedman, Professor of Law Expertise: Legal ethics

Leon Friedman, Joseph Kushner Distinguished Professor of Civil Liberties Law
Expertise: Copyright law; civil rights; civil procedure; criminal procedure; Constitutional law; First Amendment

Joanna Grossman, Professor of Law
Expertise: Same-sex marriage; sexual harassment; sex discrimination; family law.

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