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Transportation Network

In order to make your visit to Debate '08 as pleasant and efficient as possible, Hofstra University will run a free transportation network, between our main parking facility at Mitchel Field/Omni Reckson, the Long Island Marriott, the Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn and LaQuinta Inn & Suites, our credentialing center and the Media Filing Center, adjacent to the Debate Hall.

In addition, the parking lot at the Mitchel Field/Omni Reckson facility is one of Hofstra's transportation hubs and is open to all vendors and media working on the October 15 debate. This shuttle begins operation on Thursday, October 9.

There is no parking on the Hofstra campus for visitors at this time.

If you have any questions, you can access our Transportation Hub Hotline at (516) 463-2345.

These times and services are subject to change. Please check this site again before arriving at Hofstra University to ensure you have the correct information.

Notes about shuttles:

Stops at credentialing center
All shuttles from Sunday, October 12 - Tuesday, October 14 make a stop at the Credentialing Center (during the Center's hours of operation) in the Student Center as well as the Media Filing Center.

Security and transportation adjustments on October 15
On Wednesday, October 15, all shuttles from hotels transfer at the Mitchel Field/Omni Reckson parking facility. Those who have their credentials will go through a security checkpoint at the parking facility and board a shuttle directly to the Media Filing Center. Those who need to go to the Credentialing Center will board a different shuttle, designated for those who have not yet obtained USSS credentials.

Shuttle shutdown during debate

  • The hotel shuttles will cease operations from approximately 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 15 until approximately midnight Thursday, October 16.
  • The main shuttle to and from the Mitchel Field parking facility will cease operating from 6:30 p.m. until 11 p.m. on Wednesday, October 15.

Hofstra Bus Schedule

Hofstra University operates two courtesy buses for the convenience of the Hofstra community. The bus schedule is designed to give optimum service to the members of the Hofstra community who may have need for transportation around the campus, to the Hempstead and Mineola Train Stations, and to other designated locations.

PDF: Hofstra Bus Route Map | Hofstra Bus Schedule

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