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Honors College


A Community of highly motivated students and faculty.


A Conversation about ideas and the world.


A Commitment to reaching new levels of achievement.


A Challenge that extends your horizons in unexpected ways.

HUHC is a community of students, faculty and administrators committed to challenging and supporting one another in the pursuit of excellence at all levels. We’re connected to every college, department, major and program on campus. We’re engaged in every aspect of campus life. And, we know how to have fun as we pursue our goals.

The HUHC Student

Who Are You?

You have drive, ambition, and determination. You value your time and aim to get as much as you can from your college education. You also know how to have fun in interesting ways.

Honors College Student Experience

The educational experience of a Hofstra University Honors College student takes place in the classroom, through enriched work and programs, and outside the classroom, thanks to an assortment of opportunities and resources dedicated to HUHC students.

Academic Life

The goal of honors work is greater learning and intellectual satisfaction for both the student and the instructor.

Community Life

The HUHC Community is designed to enrich every aspect of your life at Hofstra, while also serving as a launching pad for life after Hofstra.


What Students Are Saying

Check out what HUHC students are saying about their Hofstra experience and learn about career potential for Honors College students.

HUHC Student HUHC Student HUHC Student

About Honors College

Honors College enriches the education of exceptional students at Hofstra inside the classroom and beyond. We promote intellectual engagement, creativity, conversation, leadership, civic responsibility and global reach. In short, we serve and challenge HUHC students in ways that radiate throughout the entire Hofstra community and beyond.

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Our Office

We are located on the second floor of Axinn Library. Our address is:

Hofstra University Honors College
243 East Library Wing
123 Hofstra University
Hempstead, NY 11549

Reach Out

The HUHC Dean's offices may be reached in the following ways:

Telephone: 516-463-4842
Fax: 516-463-4782