Saturday Scholars' Academy

The Saturday Scholars’ Academy offers educational experiences to enhance educational performance and success in the classroom. With a primary emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics as well as fields that require licensure, students are also exposed to hands-on learning opportunities. Services are organized under the following three categories and made available to students who are registered:

  • Academic Support
  • College Preparation
  • Career & Community Engagement

Register for Saturday Scholars’ Academy
Registration usually starts in April and is held on preset open house dates until enrollment reaches full capacity. You must first enroll in Hofstra LPP or Hofstra STEP to register for the Summer Scholars’ Academy. For more information about registration call 516-463-5794, and provide your name, phone number, email, mailing address and the school name your child attends. Registration is held in the Center for Educational Access and Success at Oak Street Center in Room 107.

On most Saturdays, October – May, over 250 students attend enrichment classes to deepen abilities in math, science and/or in prep for Regents exams. Students also attend career-focused classes such as robotics, computer coding and law. Classroom schedules are based on the student’s current school schedule and personal interest. See below for more information.

Small group tutoring in select math and science subjects is also available on Saturdays. Students are assigned a tutor (Hofstra college students) who helps with questions from homework, tests, projects or classroom notes.

Every student meets with an assigned counselor twice per year to primarily focus on goal-setting and problem-solving for future success.

The Transition to High School Mentoring Program connects rising 9th graders to college students to help develop character and confidence. Starting with two-weeks of summer preparatory classes and mentoring, the program continues on Saturdays throughout the school year.

Students must first register for the Saturday Scholars’ Academy to receive academic services.

Class Schedules

Classes are offered through alternating A/B schedules, one purple and the other green. Students select two classes per schedule: 1 math, 1 science and 2 electives. Download the schedules below for current class offerings.

Classes are designed to enhance classroom learning. Math, science and other Regents class selections are designed to match the student’s current school schedule. Middle school electives are offered between 9am – 11am and high school electives 11am – 1pm.

Students may also register for weekly tutoring in select math or science subjects or for other challenge classes in addition to their regular four classes

Student Colloquiums
Colloquiums are focused learning experiences. Past examples include student networking with career professionals to discover opportunities and/or perform science experiments like those of CSI technicians.

Laboratory Experiences
Trips to the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Brookhaven National Laboratory engage students in hands-on experiments, operating lab equipment used by science professionals.

Interactive Learning Experiences
Students’ regularly engage programming to showcase lessons learned through classes and activities including robotics or jeopardy-like experiences where a community of students practice answering questions from Regent’s or other exams.

Community and Service Learning
The service learning class affords students an opportunity to learn about the community, create a project and reflect on lessons learned through the interconnectivity of these experiences.

Teacher Assistant Opportunities
Teacher assistant internships are available to returning seniors, developing leadership and professional soft skills for future career endeavors.

Students enrolled in the Saturday Scholars Academy have access to these and other experiences.

Standardized Exam Preparation
Kaplan and Catalyst Prep SAT and ACT preparation courses are available to returning juniors to fulfill college admissions requirements.

College Tours
College trips throughout New York (and occasionally out-of-state) and college fairs expose students to a variety of educational options leading to a better feel for the school you want to attend.

College and Workforce Preparation
Workshops in a variety of topics such as financial aid, resume writing, presentation skills, social media and branding provide students with knowledge for transition to college and/or the workforce.

A research class provides a platform for students to create individual research projects and develop skills desired by colleges. Some students will have the opportunity to present their research at conferences.

Mentoring and Tutoring
Networking with Hofstra college students provides a personal and upclose perspective of college life gained through interacting through tutoring, mentoring classes and special events.

Students registered in the Saturday Scholars’ Academy have access to these resources.

The Transition to High School Program is a year-long preparatory program, supporting rising 9th graders through mentoring, tutoring and classroom instructions and strategies that leads to academic success. Rising 9th graders are paired with Hofstra University college student mentors for a year, starting in the summer.  

Begining the summer before high school, with academic classes, academic success workshops, mentoring activities, and community and teambuilding exercises, the program is scheduled Monday-Friday, 9:30am to 3:00pm, for one week, starting the first full week of August. It continues during the Saturday Scholars Academy, where students are now in the 9th grade. College student mentoring foci include practices designed to develop competence, build confidence, create connections and extend care.

Apply for the Transition to High School Program

Enrollment is limited to 20 students. Applications are available in April and program acceptance is made by July. Students must be enrolled in Hofstra LPP or Hofstra STEP in order to apply. Priority is given to returning students.

For more information about registration call 516-463-5794, providing your name, phone number, email, mailing address and the school name your child attends.

Registration is held in the Center for Educational Access and Success on the lower level of Hagedorn Hall, Suite 013, located on the corner of Uniondale Avenue and Hempstead Turnpike

In addition to participating in Saturday Scholar Academy programming, senior program participants can also enroll in the transition to college seminar and/or apply for a teacher assistant internship. Both opportunities provide further experience in preparation for college.

Transition to College Senior Seminar

The Transition to College Senior Seminar starts with a College Admissions Bootcamp the first full week of August. A series of daily workshops are designed to help students and their families navigate the college application and financial aid process. In addition to workshops, daily independent work sessions provide time for seniors to obtain assistance with individual application tasks.

During the school year workshops are scheduled to prepare students for a successful first year of college. Workshops are presented by Hofstra University personnel, community organizations, college students and CEAS staff. Sample topics include: time management, study strategies for college, fiscal awareness and self-care.

Students are welcome to attend all or a selection of workshops, depending on need. Registration for the College Admissions Bootcamp is held in April, while registration for Transition to College is held in September.

Teacher Assistant Internship

Students who have enrolled and participated in Saturday Scholars Academy prior to grade 12 are invited to apply for a Teacher Assistant (TA) Internship. Teacher Assistants are assigned to specific Saturday Scholar Academy classes. Responsibilities include assisting teachers with lesson planning, implementation, attendance and student support. Training focused on soft skills, such as, communication, teamwork and networking are required for all Teacher Assistants, and hosted by CEAS staff.

Applications are available in August and are due before the end of September. All applicants are required to interview. Seniors selected to be TA’s will be contacted before the Saturday Scholars Academy classes start.