Prepare for Orientation

Before Orientation

Register for New Student Orientation and Family Orientation

Visit your Hofstra portal to indicate your date preferences and sign your family members up for Family Orientation. You will receive confirmation of your dates via email to your Hofstra email account.

Know how to log into the Hofstra portal (

Hofstra Portal: This is where you can access your Hofstra email and Blackboard, the learning management system used by faculty for classes during the academic year, and also for some portions of new student orientation.

Have your Hofstra username and password handy

Both are needed to log into the portal, check your email, and access other online features. If you have misplaced or have forgotten your username and password, contact the ITS Help Desk at or call 516-463-7777 and follow the prompts.

Download and log into Zoom using your Hofstra account

You may have already used Zoom for other meetings in high school or elsewhere, but to access Hofstra’s online orientation, you will need to authenticate by going to then clicking the “Sign in” button. Here is a quick tutorial with step by step instructions.

Take Required Placement Assessments

New students are required to take placement assessments in foreign language and math. These exams help our advising team recommend courses that are suitable for you to register for at orientation. Information about your specific placement assessments will be sent to your Hofstra email account after you register for New Student Orientation from the Dean of Advising. Placement assessments will be available online mid to late April.

You should complete your exams the Friday before your orientation week.To take the placement assessment, log in to the Hofstra Portal,, with your Hofstra username and password. You will be using your username and password to access your Hofstra email, through the Portal, and to log on Hofstra computers while you're on campus. If you have problems or need help, call ITS Help Desk at 516-463-7777 and select option 1. Or email scs[at]

After you log in to, you will see a few icons along the top right navigation bar. This is where you will find Blackboard. Hover over the icons at the top right and select the one that says 'My Apps'. (It is the one that looks like a 'waffle' or a 'keyboard'.) Click on the icon and select Blackboard. In the Blackboard window you will find the link to your placement assessment(s) under the column labeled 'My Courses'. Click the link to either your mathematics exam or your language assessment to begin. When you finish the first assessment, come back to this page to take the second.

You will find instructions for the assessment in the Blackboard course. If you have a question about the mathematics assessment please contact the Mathematics Department at 516-463-5570. If your question is about the language assessment itself, please contact the Language Learning Center at hcslang[at] or call 516-463-5653 during normal business hours (Eastern Standard Time).

If you have a documented disability and require extended time on exams, please call Student Access Services (SAS) on campus at 516-463-7075 or email at sas[at] We will be happy to arrange extended time for placement exams, but only for those students who notify the SAS office in advance. SAS will email students at their Hofstra pride email accounts with instructions on how to take the placement exams with extended time.

All students must take placement exams online prior to attending Orientation sessions.

Complete the Public Safety Presentation (Required)

All new students are required to complete the Public Safety module and the questions following the presentations. This workshop will introduce the services provided by the Department of Public Safety and engage students in conversations about doing their part to stay safe on and off the Hofstra campus. This presentation is available in Blackboard and then to Courses on the left panel and select your orientation week.

Complete the Community Standards / Title IX Presentation (Required)

All new students are required to complete the Community Standards and Title IX module and the questions following the presentations.

Hofstra prohibits all discriminatory harassment, relationship violence, and sexual misconduct. At this session – which is part of a series of programs you will attend during the on-boarding process at Hofstra – you will learn about Hofstra’s Title IX policies, including the definitions of sexual assault and affirmative consent, and what to do in the event of an incident. In addition, the Office of Community Standards will provide an overview of how you can personally uphold the standards of the Hofstra community and challenge other community members to do the same. This presentation is available in Blackboard and then to Courses on the left panel and select your orientation week.

Complete the Bystander Intervention Presentation (Required)

All new students are required to complete the Bystander Intervention module and the questions following the presentations.

Hofstra Step Up! is a bystander intervention program that raises awareness of helping behaviors, increases motivation to help, develops skills and confidence when responding to problems or concerns, and ensures the safety and well-being of all members of our community. Be a leader and make a difference as part of the Pride! This presentation is available in Blackboard and then to Courses on the left panel and select your orientation week.

Complete Required Health Forms

You will need to supply documentation of your vaccinations for measles, mumps and rubella. In addition, New York state law requires that you acknowledge receipt of the meningitis information.
If you have not already done so, please complete your medical records through our online Student Health Services Platform at

  • Click the IMMUNIZATIONS tab to enter information related to the required immunizations.
  • Click the FORMS tab and then MENINGITIS RESPONSE to respond online.
  • Click the UPLOAD tab to upload all of your supporting documentation.
  • Once you have completed these steps your records will be updated. Please allow 24 hours for this change to be reflected in your academic record.
Submit your AP and College Credits

Send official transcripts for Advanced Placement credit, college credits, or credits from any other special programs to the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Having your most up-to-day credits on file will help our advising team recommend the best courses for you. Note that completing your placement exams in language and mathematics are still required regardless of AP scores and prior college credits.

Consider Your First-Year Connections Options

Hofstra's first-year seminars and clusters are designed to get your college experience off to a great start. At the heart of the program are small classes taught by distinguished faculty in areas of interest ranging from art to writing. Not only will these courses introduce you to the intellectual and social life of the University, but — even if you are undecided about a major — nearly all of them will also help you satisfy the general education requirements for all majors. These are regular undergraduate courses, but they are reserved for first-year students only, so once you've looked over this brochure, please log in to the Hofstra portal ( and give us your preferences.

Read the Common Reading

The common reading will be used as the basis for the model class during New Student Orientation. You will receive more information about the model class in the session confirmation email. The book will be mailed out after May 1. This year's reading is “"No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference" by Greta Thunberg. This is your first college reading assignment! We expect you to read the book before attending Orientation, where you will be discussing it with Hofstra faculty. You can learn more about the Common Reading program and "No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference" by visiting

Download the FlipGrid app

from the iOS app store. The Orientation staff will be using this to connect with other members of your incoming class for many activities. You will also be sent ‘codes’ to access certain FlipGrid content and will need to log into FlipGrid using your Hofstra email address and password. When asked to do so, select the “connect using the Google option.”

Download the ZeeMee app

from the iOS app store or Google Play stores. Some of you may already have this app and have been using it to engage with other incoming students. Our orientation staff and pride guides will be on ZeeMee to give you updates and answer questions.

Get Excited & Connect With Us!

Become a fan of “Hofstra Orientation” on Facebook and follow @hofstraorientation on Instagram to connect with classmates and have your questions answered. Use #HofWelcome to showcase your photos and posts! Learn about your orientation leaders – they’ll be a great resource for you when you come for orientation and beyond!

Preferred Name Policy Available

Hofstra University is excited to announce that our Preferred Name Policy is now available to all students.

The Preferred Name Policy allows students to use a preferred name on select University communications and platforms, and to be referred to by university employees. All are encouraged to review a copy of the Preferred Name Policy. Completed forms should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar (206 Memorial Hall). If you have any questions please contact Gillian Atkinson, Associate Director Intercultural Engagement and Inclusion (IEI[at] or Allison Vernace, Title IX Officer for Student Issues (StudentTitleIX[at]

Schedule Overview

Schedule Overview View Full Schedule

Here are some highlights:

Day 1 - Tuesday

  • Check-in 12 noon Eastern Standard Time
  • Meet your orientation leader and connect with students in your group.
  • Learn about academic requirements and expectations.
  • Attend workshops about campus life and available resources.
  • Participate in (fun) evening activities

Day 2 - Wednesday

  • Check-in 12 noon Eastern Standard Time
  • Attend the common reading book discussion
  • Learn about major and degree requirements
  • Select your fall classes with your orientation leader's help
  • Participate in (fun) evening activities

Day 3 - Thursday

  • Meet with an advising advsing dean / faculty adviser and register for fall classes
  • Attend sessions on commuting, living on campus, working after college, diversity, diverity and inclusion and academic resources
  • Order your textbooks at the Hofstra Bookstore
  • Participate in (fun) evening activities.