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HofstraCard Services

Account Balances and Receipts

If you have a Hofstra dining plan or Dutch Debits account, you may obtain a statement of all account transactions by logging in to the Hofstra portal at My.Hofstra.edu. Go to the Hofstra Online Information System in the navigation menu, and then go to the HofstraCard Services section. Simply select the date range for which you wish to view the financial history, and click “Get History.”

You may obtain account balances by asking for an account inquiry at any of our dining point of sale terminals, or by viewing the patron displays at the time of purchase. Your account balance is also printed on all purchase receipts.

Receipts may be requested at the time of purchase. Feel free to ask the cashier for a receipt to keep track of all of your purchases.

Please call the Office of HofstraCard Services at (516) 463-6942 if you need further information.

Card Care

Secure Your HofstraCard

Cashiers and University departments will only accept cards that belong to the holder. Do not loan your I.D. to anyone.

How to protect your HofstraCard

Decoded and damaged cards may be rejected by the card readers.

  • Do not bend, fold, or expose your card to excessive heat, washing or other damaging elements.
  • Do not pass your card through any other system (automated teller machines) as decoding may occur.
  • Do not leave your HofstraCard on or near electromagnetic equipment i.e. microwaves, iPods, televisions, cellphones or radios.
  • Do not punch holes in your card.
  • Avoid getting your card wet.

Make an Online Deposit

Please note that Dutch Debits and Additional Points are disabled at the beginning of each semester. Additional Points are enabled after the Dining Plan Change/Cancel period ends. Dutch Debits are enabled by request only.

View initial dining plan payments or tuition payments


If you have questions please contact Hofstra Card Services at: 516-463-6942

For additional dining points or Dutch Debits deposits, please follow the directions below.

The "Add Points" option is for food purchases only. Dutch Debits are for non-food purchases such as Wellness Center services, HofstraCard Passport Photo services and Hofstra University Bookstore items. You can have funds in both accounts, but funds are not transferable between accounts.

  1. Select “Parental Prepay” option.
  2. Enter student's Hofstra ID # as the account number.
  3. Skip PIN field.
  4. Enter the student's date of birth (DOB) as MM/DD/YYYY and then click on ”Submit.”
  5. Select “Add Points” (for food purchases only) or “Dutch Debits” (for non-food purchases).
  6. Please be sure to use VISA or MASTERCARD.
  7. The credit card expiration date format is MMYY (not MM/YY).
  8. The dollar amount format is X000.00 (not $X,000.00).
  9. Please do not make two consecutive deposits of the same dollar amount (even if the deposits are for two different students) using the same credit card.

Please call our office for further information.
516-463-6942; option-6 for representative.
Regular FALL/SPRING Semester Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Get Adobe Acrobat

To view the forms below you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have it please click the image to the right to download the software.

Dutch Debits

Please note that Dutch Debits are enabled by request only.

Hofstra University has created a general declining balance account called DUTCH DEBITS. This account is accessed with the HofstraCard. To activate the account, simply make a deposit using cash, check, money order, Visa or MasterCard. (Get more info about your account.) You may use the Dutch Debit account at many locations on campus. The amount of each purchase is automatically deducted from the total balance. With the Dutch Debit account, you don't have to worry about whether you have enough money to purchase items in the Bookstore or at a campus event. Simply plan ahead and deposit what you feel you may need for the semester, or even the school year, into your Dutch Debit account. You will enjoy convenient purchasing at these campus locations:

  • The Hofstra University Bookstore.
  • HofstraCard Services replacement IDs and Passport Photo Services.
  • Fitness Center Memberships.

Lost or Stolen Cards

In the event that you lose your HofstraCard or it is stolen, you may deactivate it on the Hofstra Online Information System under the HofstraCard Services section, located in the Hofstra Portal (My.Hofstra.Edu). After confirmation, the card will then be deactivated and will not be useable until you come in to our office with the card or request a replacement. Once you receive the new card, please go to the library so they may update your barcode in the system.

Please note: Once a new card has been issued, even if you find an old card, we cannot reactivate it for you, as the card system does not permit a card to be reissued. Because students are permitted to possess only one HofstraCard, the Office of HofstraCard Services will confiscate any card determined to be superseded by a newer issuance.

Replacement ID Cards

The fee to replace your lost HofstraCard is $25.00. Cards with normal wear and tear, or deemed to be defective, will be replaced free of charge.

Passport Photos

HofstraCard Services offers passport photo services. In the HCS office, you may purchase a set of 2 printed passport photos, or you may purchase the digital image file of your photograph. Digital images will be delivered to the email address you specify on our form.

Set of 2 Printed Passport Photos: $12
Digital Image: $15

We accept cash, check and Dutch Debit payments. Credit card payments must first be deposited to Dutch Debits. Please note that this service is for passport photos only. We do not accept passport applications. For more information regarding US passports, please visit the US Department of State website.