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Center for the Study of Labor and Democracy

Regional Labor Review

Current Issue

VOLUME 23 - Fall 2020

  • How Unions Can Speed New York’s Recovery, an interview with Central Labor Council President Vincent Alvarez;
  • There is Power in a Union: How I Became a Labor Activist, by noted feminist legal scholar Drucilla Cornell;
  • How Did a $15 Minimum Wage Become an Achievable Goal? by Lennart Seufert;
  • Class, Caste and Race in the U.S. by Rachel Horowitz;
  • Confronting Sexual Harassment in the Corporate Workforce, by Lauren Sanford

Previous Issues - Table of Contents

VOLUME 22 - Spring/Summer 2020

New York’s Plague Year Economy:
Reopening Into Recession or Recovery?

by Gregory DeFreitas

A Lifetime in Labor Education and Filmmaking:
A Conversation with Academy Award Winner Julia Reichert

by Gregory DeFreitas

Dignity and Exploitation:
Julia Reichert and Steven Bognar’s American Factory

by Rachel Horowitz

What Does the White Working Class Want?
by Aditya Lodha

High-Tech High Jinks, Low-Road Employment
by Ncholas Kapoor

How Male-Biased Design of Jobs and Health Care
Endangers Working Women

by Hailie Donno


VOLUME 22 - Fall 2019

New York’s Wage Slowdown: 2009--2019
by Gregory DeFreitas

Why Arts Workers Want Unions:
Inside Organizing Wins at MoMA & the Guggenheim

by Madeleine Disner

New York’s Pioneering 2019 Sexual Harassment Laws
by Ian Paul Poulos

A Labor Movement of Social Justice Activism:
The Legacy of Hector Figueroa

by Gregory DeFreitas

Middle Class Crisis: Blaming the Victims for System Failure
by Sarah Dowd

Four Decades of Summer Labor Education for Union Women


Spring/Summer 2019

Racial Wage Gaps Across Major Metro Areas
by Gregory DeFreitas

Latest Trends in Key Labor Market Indicators: Spring 2019

Enforcing New York City’s New Worker Rights Laws:
A Conversation with DCWP Commissioner Lorelei Salas

by Oren Levin-Waldman and Gregory DeFreitas

Is America Fated to a Future of Fast Food Jobs?
by Lusine Gazeryan

Tech Brogrammers Exposed in the #MeToo Era
by Kimberly Lum

Overworked and Underpaid in No-Vacation Nation
by Lindsey Parent


Fall 2018

Why Is Wage Growth So Weak When Unemployment Is So Low?
by Gregory DeFreitas

Will Public Sector Unions Survive the Supreme Court's Janus Decision?
by Karen Fernbach

Refugees as Employees: Good Retention, Strong Recruitment
by David Dyssegaard Kallick and Cyierra Roldan

The Uberization of Work & Alternative Job Futures
by Massoud Fazeli

Labor Unions and Immigrants Battle Election-Year Challenges
by The Editors


Spring/Summer 2018

Is New York's Public Sector Workforce Overpaid?
by Gregory DeFreitas

Defending Deportees:
A Conversation with DDC Director Emily Torstveit Ngara
Interviewed by Gregory DeFreitas

Understanding Recent Minimum Wage Increases
by Owen Levin Waldman

Diving Off the Shore of Convention: Jennifer Egan's Manhattan Beach
by Drucilla Cornell


Fall 2017

  • The State of New York Unions 2017
    by Gregory DeFreitas and Bhaswati Sengupta
  • Latest Trends in Key Labor Market Indicators: Fall 2017
  • Innovation and Institution:
    A Conversation With Sara Horowitz of The Freelancers' Union
    Interviewed by Sharryn Kasmir
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Workplace
    by Jenna Wyatt
  • The History of Food and Drink in New York
    by Karla Freire
  • Shadow Work: The Dark Side of DIY
    by Rachel Goldblum
  • Calendar

Spring/Summer 2013

Job Growth and Pay Austerity
by Gregory DeFreitas

Can Student Workers Organize a Global Corporate University?
A Conversation with the UAW's Maida Rosenstein

by Paul Ryan and Gregory DeFreitas

Unions and Party Politics on Long Island
by Lillian Dudkiewicz-Clayman

The Great Recession and Civic Activism in New York
by Oren Levin-Waldman

Is The Middle Class Crumbling Into The Working Poor?
Book Review, by Russell Harrison