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Dance Programs

  • B.F.A. in Dance
    The B.F.A. (132 credits) is a course of study designed to provide students with a concentrated experience in dance as an art form. Entry into the B.F.A. program is by audition only. The program is geared toward students who plan to pursue careers in performance and choreography. A personal interview with a member of the dance faculty is required prior to registration as a major.
  • B.A. Major in Dance
    The B.A. degree is fulfilled with a minimum of 124 credits (45 in Dance and 79 outside the major). The emphasis is on the study of dance technique, composition, performance and production and complements the existing academic programs. This degree allows students to pursue a double major or minor in other subjects, if desired. A personal interview with a member of the dance faculty is highly recommended prior to registration as a major.
  • B.S. in Education: Dance Education
    This program is designed to prepare prospective dance teachers to be highly skilled and creative dancers and choreographers, as well as educators able to meet the varied needs of children. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be eligible for New York State initial certification as a teacher of dance in all grades.
  • Minor in Dance
    The Dance minor consists of 18 credits including Dance Appreciation, Dance History, and Choreography, as well as technique classes.
  • Minor in Musical Theater
    By audition only. An interdisciplinary minor which consists of successful completion of 18 semester hours, at least 9 hours in residence, including a selection of classes from the Dance Program and the Department of Music. To participate in the Musical Theater Minor the student must be enrolled in voice lessons each semester or under the tutelage of a private vocal instructor.


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