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GTU members at Hofstra University

On Wednesday, May 2, 2012, the Global Studies and Geography Department initiated Mu Kappa, the Hofstra University chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon, the International Geographic Honor Society. Starting in May, 2012, new members have been inducted into the chapter annually. The list of current members is found below.

Student members and Faculty inductees(*) of Mu Kappa:

Last First Year Semester
Adams Colin 2015 Spring
Allen Michael Daniel 2019 Spring
Anand Bhavneet 2016 Spring
Anazodo Olukemi Ifenlota 2018 Spring
Anders Elizabeth 2014 Spring
Beck Emilie 2018 Spring
Bernhardt Jase* 2018 Spring
Billard Rachel Amanda 2018 Spring
Boucher Nicole 2019 Spring
Bradley Thomas 2015 Spring
Bricks Caron 2013 Spring
Brinkmann Robert* 2012 Spring
Bryant Larissa Marie 2018 Spring
Burge Daria 2018 Spring
Burka Carol Jane 2017 Spring
Carvan Deeba 2014 Spring
Catania Jaclyn 2012 Fall
Chirinos Paucar Paula Ximena 2018 Spring
Cirafesi Julianna 2018 Spring
Clara Ligia 2018 Spring
Clarke Sabrina 2015 Spring
Cohen Tara 2012 Fall
Cybulski Zachary Cole 2018 Spring
Dalton Craig* 2016 Spring
Davino Sage 2016 Spring
Desilva Athraja 2014 Spring
Dossett Kimberly 2018 Spring
Duhaney Marissa Nicole 2017 Spring
Dunn-Hardy Lora 2014 Spring
Dzurlic Jasmina 2017 Spring
Eager James 2017 Spring
Ecker Justine 2019 Spring
Ederheimer Justin 2014 Spring
Egert Seth 2014 Spring
Elkattan Tarek 2014 Spring
Engel Margaret Collins 2019 Spring
Ettinger Joshua 2012 Fall
Feneran Christopher 2012 Spring
Forgione Douglas 2015 Spring
Gadime Taner 2016 Spring
Galarza Adriana 2018 Spring
Galin Rebecca 2012 Spring
Gallo Gina 2014 Spring
Gallo Kelly 2017 Spring
Gao Tianyue 2019 Spring
Girma Hewan* 2017 Spring
Gurrola Julia 2019 Spring
Guzman Celene 2017 Spring
Hadeed Sophia Isabella 2019 Spring
Hicks Adanya Ella 2018 Spring
Hicks Sara Elizabeth 2017 Spring
Holman James 2014 Spring
Isaacs Jon 2016 Spring
Johnson Abraham 2014 Spring
Joseph Mishaina 2014 Spring
Kamboj Mannat Thakur 2017 Spring
Kazantsev Kira 2013 Spring
Kazdal Aliosman Can 2019 Spring
Keating William 2012 Spring
Kelley Emily Bridget 2018 Spring
Kempski Christine 2016 Spring
Khan Nadir 2013 Spring
Kobayashi Aika 2016 Spring
Korattyswaroopam Nisha* 2017 Spring
Kumamoto Justin D. 2019 Spring
Langella Jaclyn 2016 Spring
LaRoche Gibson 2016 Spring
Leighton Ryan W. 2019 Spring
Levinson Robert 2018 Spring
Mahoney Lauren E. 2019 Spring
Maiocco Danielle 2014 Spring
Marolda Nicole 2015 Spring
Martha Melanie 2012 Spring
Mayes Connor 2017 Spring
McCoy Malcolm 2016 Spring
Metcalfe Riley 2014 Spring
Mejia Citadel 2015 Spring
Misczuk Catherine 2014 Spring
Modica Claudia Hope 2017 Spring
Morgan Lauren 2017 Spring
Morrongiello Sandra 2014 Spring
Moskow Jeremy 2016 Spring
Mozawalla Fatimah 2018 Spring
Murphy Robert 2014 Spring
Nahrevar Alison 2016 Spring
Nickel Ciera 2018 Spring
Niedt Christopher* 2013 Spring
Normandin Abby 2019 Spring
Oakley-Robbins Clayton 2016 Spring
Paccadolmi Christina Ann 2018 Spring
Pappalardo CapriAnna 2017 Spring
Paquette Lois 2018 Spring
Pasha Aleena 2018 Spring
Pasion La Rainne 2016 Spring
Perniciaro Jennifer 2012 Fall
Phipps Alexandra 2016 Spring
Picone Charles 2012 Fall
Platt Kaylee 2013 Spring
Qiu Ying* 2017 Spring
Radeva Aleksandra 2019 Spring
Rafatpanah Julie 2015 Spring
Ram Raymond Lalesh 2019 Spring
Robson Elizabeth 2012 Spring
Rodrigue Jean-Paul* 2012 Spring
Roscoe Sally Louise 2019 Spring
Rossetti Emma 2018 Spring
Rumack Joy 2015 Spring
Saddiqui Alishbah 2018 Spring
Saff Grant* 2012 Fall
Saintis Eleanore 2015 Spring
Scalise Brittany 2014 Spring
Scarpino Rachel 2017 Spring
Schopf Clara 2014 Spring
Shapero Allison 2013 Spring
Shapiro Nathan 2013 Spring
Skahill Hannah 2012 Fall
Skeene Amanda 2018 Spring
Sohnen Samantha 2015 Spring
Spagnuolo Victoria 2016 Spring
Spang Ariana 2014 Spring
Sperduto Gabriella 2013 Spring
Stanco Breanna 2016 Spring
Staples Temperance 2016 Spring
Swan Carys 2016 Spring
Tabarus Nicholas 2019 Spring
Tamerler Kevin 2013 Spring
Trofa Venessa 2014 Spring
Tu Olivia 2019 Spring
Van Fossen John 2017 Spring
Van Patten Lara Noelle 2018 Spring
Vogel Thomas 2015 Spring
Volpe Blaine 2016 Spring
Wiley James* 2012 Spring
Yantis James 2012 Spring
Ye Xiling 2019 Spring
Zhukovsky David 2014 Spring

Officers of Mu Kappa:

Ligia Clara Email

Vice President
Adriana Galarza Email

Director of Events
Dr. Craig M. Dalton Email

Sophia Hadeed Email

Margaret Engel Email

Emma Rossetti Email

Media Chair
Alishbah Saddiqui Email

Faculty Sponsor
Dr. Kari Jensen Email


The Fall 2019 Executive Committee
(rear: Dr. Craig M. Dalton, Dr. Kari Jensen, front: Margaret Engel, Adriana Galarza, Ligia Clara, Alishbah Saddiqui, Sophia Hadeed, Emma Rossetti)

Past Mu Kappa Officers