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Hofstra University Honors College

Cassandra Austin
(Class of 2011)

“I definitely feel like I have a place at Hofstra because of Honors College.”

Cassandra Austin, a first-year Honors College student from Pennsylvania, said, “I definitely feel like I have a place at Hofstra because of Honors College.”

“It’s been great both socially and academically,” she continued. “There’s always an opportunity to connect with people and to have fun; and even if I can’t make one event, Honors College is always sending out an e-mail for another.”

Like all first-year Honors College students, Cassandra is enrolled in Culture & Expression, a series of multidisciplinary courses designed to explore the connections among disciplines. “It’s like looking at a painting in a museum,” she said, “and then having each professor come up and turn it another way or point out another aspect, and then you have an ‘oh’ moment.”

“I always walk out of class with new ideas buzzing in my head about the texts, or sometimes with an idea for a story I want to write,” she continued. “There’s always something entertaining about each lecture, and the nature of the program allows me to get a taste of different fields of study.”

Cassandra is planning to major in English with a concentration in creative writing and literature.

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Cassandra Austin