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Hofstra University Honors College

Honors in the News

May 2017

Honors College student Garrett Shum ’18 has been awarded a U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship to study Japanese in Hikone, Japan, this summer.


Honors College student Kevin Patalano, a German and marketing major, will be a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) at a school in Schleswig-Holstein, a northern state on the border with Denmark between the Baltics and the North Sea, where he will work in the classroom, school and community, helping students and others learn about the U.S. and improve their English language skills.


April 2017

HUHC students Rory Murphy and Henry Crayton, and their partner Lerthon, are $20,000 richer as of last night! Congratulations, guys!


Congratulations to all of the HUHC Students elected to Phi Beta Kappa in 2017. It's a major achievement. We're proud of all of you!

Jason Belanger
Hannah Ananda Bougleux Gomes
Sarah Andrea Esteban
Nicole Fluke
Damian Phillip Gallagher
Sarah Gerwens
Kilmer Merritt-Gawe
Stephanie Nagel
Francesca Alexis Pavlovici
Rebecca Schwartzberg
Garrett Shu-Loon Shum
Samantha Blake Tiger
Rebecca Ellen Webber
Jenna Michele Wyatt
Angell Xiang
Daniel Zhu
March 2016
  • Amy Mihyang Ginther, 2005 HUHC alumniwas recently interviewed by Mallory Ortberg at The Toast and mentions her time at HUHC and C&E.  Amy is a professor at UC Santa Cruz. She is founder and owner of Vocal Context, where she runs workshops that empower women and people of color in their communication skills. She has contributed toTransracial Eyes and Modern Loss.  

“ I had rich and thoughtful conversations in my dorm about religion during my time as an undergraduate, particularly because one of our floor-mates was Muslim and because the Bible was being taught in my Honors College as a cultural object to be unpacked and contextualized. It wasn’t until after I graduated and moved to London where I began to really distill my philosophy around this in a more personal way."


February 2016

Hofstra Student Wins National Scholarship to Study Language in Japan

September 2014

Congratulations PeggyAnn!

HUHC is pleased and proud to announce that Ms. PeggyAnn Matusiak has been promoted from her position as HUHC Administrative Assistant to a new position as HUHC Office Manager and Director of HUHC Alumni Relations. Ms. Matusiak has been providing extraordinary service to HUHC students and faculty since we opened our doors to our first class in 2001. We are grateful for her dedication and look forward to all the new ways she will be contributing to HUHC community life. Please join us in congratulating her and wishing her well in her new position.

PeggyAnn Matusiak

May 2014

Congratulations to all of the HUHC Students elected to Phi Beta Kappa in 2014. It's a major achievement. We're proud of all of you!

Rejena Carmichael English
Kerry Ann Castoria Fine Arts
Cynthia Cheng Computer Science & Mathematics
Michael Davola Mathematics; Mathematics Education
Schuyler DeLuca Biology
Richard Demaio Political Science
Kasey Fahy Speech-Lang Hearing Sci
Irina Fanarraga Criminology; Psychology
Puja Fernandes Biochemistry
Rebecca Friedman Psychology
Jesse Frye Biology
Alexis Glushankova Speech-Lang Hearing Sci
Jennifer Goldberg Speech-Lang Hearing Sci
Stephanie Grover Dance
Johanna Hanchar Liberal Arts
So Van Ho Psychology
Amanda Hocevar Speech-Lang Hearing Sci
Sean Kelly Classics, Music
Laura Kesselman Mathematics, Mathematics Education
Stefanie Kitsos Speech-Lang Hearing Sci
Molly Kluba Music
Dana Laderer Comparative Literature, Anthropology
Eric LeonardisPsychology; Chinese Studies, History
Amanda Lesar Physics, Mathematics
Rebecca Levine Spanish
Janet Lopinto Psychology
Stephanie Malone Speech-Lang Hearing Sci
Annabel Martinez Linguistics, Speech-Lang Hearing Sci
Kristin Mathis Psychology
Jessica Matrone Speech-Lang Hearing Sci
Emily Mauser Psychology
Laura Merkel Dance
Angela Miller Psychology
Christine Muncey Film Studies & Production
Ashley Neglia English, History
Ross Nikides Political Science, History
Katherine Pachnos English, Global Studies
Anna PendletonLinguistics; Spanish
Jacqueline Pierson Industrial Engineering
Valerie Powell English, English Education
Lisa Quach English, History
Caitlin Rauchle Philosophy, Sociology
K. Alexis Robbins Dance
BriannaRogers Dance, Speech-Lang Hearing Sci
Mary Rooney Chemistry, Classics
MelissaRostek English, Art History
Amanda Roy English, Early Childhood & Childhood Ed
Inae Rurup Fine Arts
Gaitrie Sackichand Mathematics, Mathematics Education
Adam Seeman Film Studies & Production
Samantha Spagnoli English, Global Studies
Isabelle Treuille Mass Media Studies
Luke Verrillo English
Jina Zablan Biology

Phi Beta Kappa

April 2014

News Release:  HUHC’s students accepted to top schools in the country.

Benjamin Dynkins -law school, full scholarship to Cardozo Law School.

Emma Kast – Ph.D. at Princeton (full funding), turned down offers from MIT and Harvard.

Chris Langlois – beat reporter in Illinois.

Tami Longjohn,- Full scholarships for the Ph.D. program at UT-Austin and Rice University

Eric Leonardis – Full scholarships to the Psychology program at San Diego UC.

Katherine Rebholz -Full scholarship to NYU and Emerson College's Masters in Theater Education programs. Katy will be attending Emerson College in the Fall 2014.

Elena Yi - law school acceptances at William & Mary, Vilanova, George Washington, UC-Berkeley.  She will be attending UC-Berkeley in the Fall 2014.

March 2014

News Release:  HUHC's Molly Daugherty earns full scholarship to attend St. John's Law School starting Fall 2014

Congratulations to HUHC's own Molly Daugherty! She is attending St. John's Law School starting Fall 2014 with a full scholarship. She was also accepted and received a full scholarship to Hofstra's Law School and Touro's Law School. She was accepted with partial scholarships to SUNY Buffalo School of Law, Brooklyn Law School, Albany School of Law, Syracuse Law School.

February 2014

News Release: HUHC Graduate with Distinction David J. Miller, Class of 2008 (B.S. Applied Physics/Engineering),  has just completed his Ph.D. at Princeton University in Environmental Engineering.

We all wish to congratulate our HUHC Graduate with Distinction David J. Miller, Class of 2008 (B.S. Applied Physics/Engineering), who has just completed his Ph.D. at Princeton University in Environmental Engineering. As an undergraduate, David was a co-founder of Students for a Greener Hofstra and recipient in his senior year of a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship. We applaud his achievement and wish him continued success.

October 2013

News Release: Six HUHC Students Receive the Hofstra University Phi Beta Kappa Book Award (10/28/2013)

Six HUHC students are among the nine winners of the Fall 2014 Hofstra University's Phi Beta Kappa Book Awards.  These awards are given to students who are at the every top of their classes, and whose work is broadly inclusive of the liberal arts.  The winners include:

Sophomores: Christopher Carchia, HUHC; Emily Dorward; Erin Caster
Juniors: Irena Fanarraga, HUHC; Bassir Caravan, HUHC Samantha Spagnoli, HUHC
Seniors: Allison Carmody, HUHC; Tamunoisoala Longjohn, HUHC, Rebecca Friedman

When asked about the awards Dean Frisina said: "Phi Beta Kappa is the most prestigious honor society in the United States. Students who receive the Book Award often go on to be elected to PBK membership.  So, it's always exciting to see so many wonderful HUHC students among the winners.  I am delighted to congratulate all the winners for their outstanding work. I look forward to watching as their careers continue to unfold at Hofstra and beyond."

News Release: Report shows strong placement numbers among 2011-12 HUHC graduates (10/09/2013)  

In a recent survey of 2011-12 HUHC alumni 97% of respondents had found full-time employment (62%), entered graduate school full-time (23%) or were employed part-time (12%).  There was a 74% response rate to the survey (197 of 267).  Also of note is the timing of alumni hiring.  37% of those hired had their positions in hand before graduation.  The next 30% were hired within 3 months of graduation, and by 6 months that number jumps to 87%.

Senior Associate Dean Neil H. Donahue responds, “I’m delighted but not surprised by the high rate of response and the high rate of employment among our graduates. Given the structure of our Honors College curriculum and co- or extra- curricular activities, and the way we interact with all departments and programs, our students get the academic training and social skills, the content and the style, as it were, to do well when they leave. It’s particularly gratifying to see the number of students going on to graduate or professional school! And I bet a lot of those who didn’t respond, are doing very exciting things around the globe. We’ll catch up with them later!”

For Full Report visit  HUHC Employment Statistics

News Release:  Beena Biju named Amgen Scholar for Summer 2013

The Amgen Scholar program is very competitive and selective, and offers amazing opportunities for students from around the country to meet and work in the summer with research scientists at leading research universities. Beena follows Cindy Schmelkin (now at Harvard Medical School) and Courtney Grimes (now in the Ph.D. program, Chemistry, University of Maryland), who were also Amgen Scholars in recent years. We look forward to tracking Beena’s later success but we’re also glad she’ll be here for another two years.

This summer, Beena Biju participated in the Amgen Scholars Program at UCLA. The program, which provides fully-funded hands-on scientific research experiences to undergraduate students across ten universities in the US and three in Europe, is running for its seventh summer in 2013. Beena was one of 255 U.S. students to be selected as Amgen Scholars from a national pool of 3,640 applicants. Representing 173 undergraduate institutions, this year’s cohort comes from 42 states, DC and Puerto Rico.

Complementing her science education and experience at Hofstra University, Beena is completing a summer research project in the Department of Biological Chemistry under the mentorship of Dr. Siavash Kurdistani. Outside of the lab, Beena joined 24 other students in a range of programming designed to enhance professional skills and better prepare students for graduate school.

From July 20-22, Beena attended the annual Amgen Scholars U.S. Symposium held both at UCLA and Amgen, where students have the opportunity to learn more about biotechnology and drug discovery and development, to meet and network with other Scholars from across the nation, and to hear firsthand from leading scientists in industry and academia.

We are glad to have hosted Beena as an Amgen Scholar this summer and hope for continued participation from students at Hofstra University

For more information, please visit the Amgen Scholars Program website and see our 2012 Annual Report for an overview of the program. For additional questions about the Program, please do not hesitate to contact the US Program Office.

September 2013

News Release: Hofstra Student Body Goes Global - HUHC entering class enrolls 10 international students
Hofstra University announced that this year's group of entering students come from 49 different countries.  HUHC's 2017 class includes 10 international students.  Speaking about the important role international students play, Dean Warren Frisina said: "It is difficult to overestimate how much our community benefits when we are able to attract so many talented students from so far away.  They bring their own special form of creativity and intelligence, and just be being themselves help to expand and extend the HUHC experience intellectually and culturally."  The countries represented include:

*HUHC's incoming "Class of 2017" includes students from 10 countries

Austria, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belgium,*Brazil,*Brunei, Canada,*China, Colombia, Cyprus, Denmark, Ethiopia, France,*Germany, *India, Iran, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Malaysia, *Mexico, Mongolia, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, *Philippines, Poland, Portugal, *Russia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, *Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Ukraine, *United Kingdom, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zimbabwe

News Release: 14th Annual Aims of Education Address Given by Professor Beverly Clendening, Biology (8/30/2013)

On Saturday evening of Welcome Week, Professor Beverly Clendening (Biology) gave the 14th annual Aims of Education Address to the HUHC 2017 class.  Having arrived a mere 48 hours earlier, students listened attentively to what would be their first "college lecture."  The Aims of Education Address provides students who are about to begin a new chapter in their lives with an opportunity to hear from one of Hofstra's most esteemed faculty on the aims and goals of a college education.  After the talk, they gathered  in small groups with approximately 20 faculty who led them in a reflective discussion about their own positions on the "aims of education."  This exercise, which is modeled on a similar practice at the University of Chicago, provides HUHC students with an opportunity to look ahead and think hard about what they hope to achieve during the coming four years.  

News Release: Technology Helps HUHC Student Join Welcome Week Events (8/30/2013)
When freshman Andrew Fierstein (2017) couldn't attend orientation events this weekend, he got a little help from Honors College Dean Warren Frisina.  The dean introduced Andrew via FaceTime to his fellow freshmen who had gathered in Axinn Library for the Aims of Education Lecture.  For more details on this story follow this link.

July 2013

News Release: More HUHC Students Pursue Senior Honors Theses
A recent review of HUHC records reveals a substantial uptick in the percentage of HUHC seniors who are pursuing senior honors theses or projects. Historically about 10-12% of the HUHC students with senior status went the extra mile and used a senior honors thesis or project as a capstone to their college experience.  During the last three years, however, that percentage jumped to approximately 20%.  HUHC's Senior Associate Dean Neil Donahue, who also serves as Coordinator of Undergraduate Research at Hofstra, said "We've been getting out word to our students about the possibility of earning departmental honors in their major as a wonderful capstone experience, a chance to do original work under the supervision of an advisor, which is a great credential for graduate or professional school and a big first step into the field, and your future career. The Undergraduate Research page has the details, but the benefits are clear: with a departmental honors thesis, you can make your major field of study definitively your own and put your signature on your education." 

June 2013

News release: High Percentage of HUHC Students make Provost's and Dean's List
In the Spring semester 114 HUHC students, around 10% of the HUHC population made the Provost's list by earning perfect 4.0 GPA's.  An additional 612 HUHC students were on the Dean's list.  This means that approximately 70% of HUHC's students earned highest honors last semester.  Congratulations to all!