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Special Education Elementary Programs

  • Childhood/Elementary Inclusive Special Education (Grades 1 -6) (M.S. Ed. in Inclusive Elementary)
    • Designed for students with no formal course work or teaching experience in childhood, or childhood special education, this dual graduate pre-service program leads to the New York state initial certificate to teach at the childhood level (Grades1  through 6), and the New York state initial/professional certificate to teach special education at the childhood developmental level (Grades 1 through 6).
  • Childhood Special Education (Advanced Certificate)
    • Designed for individuals who hold initial/professional New York state certification as childhood education classroom teachers, and who seek New York state certification in students with disabilities grades 1-6.
  • Special Education (M.S. Ed.)
    • This program is designed for students with New York state certification in childhood, middle childhood, adolescent education, or literacy, to become teachers of students with disabilities (childhood-adolescence). Students can matriculate and complete additional requirements in order to receive the New York State Annotation to Teach Students with Severe or Multiple Disabilities.
  • Ideas that Work - Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education

    Outstanding prospective students seeking an MSEd in Elementary Special Education are eligible for scholarship funds.

  • Special Education (M.A.) As of Fall 2015, we will no longer be accepting new students into this M.A. program.
    • This program is designed to provide students who enter holding an initial certificate in special education with advanced training in issues and problems of inclusion, transition, and other aspects of PreK-12 education.
    • This program prepares reflective practitioners who are able to translate experience and research literature alike into workable solutions to problems in the public schools.
  • Literacy Studies (Birth-Grade 6) and Special Education (Birth-Grade 2) or (Grades 1-6) (M.S. Ed.)
    • These dual programs prepare students to meet the educational requirements for certification, literacy (Birth-Grade 6) and students with disabilities (Birth-Grade 2) or (Grades1-6).. Graduates of this program will be recommended for the following teaching certificates: Classroom teachers with preparation in literacy (Birth to Grade 6) and students with disabilities (Birth-Grade 2) or (Grades 1-6). Graduates will be prepared for the following teaching positions:
      • Literacy specialists with additional preparation in one-on-one and small group instruction with students with disabilities (Birth-Grade 2) or (Grades 1-6).
      • Literacy specialists prepared to work collaboratively with classroom teachers in designing and implementing effective literacy instruction in inclusive environments. (Birth-Grade 2) or (Grades 1-6).
      • Teachers of students with disabilities (Birth-Grade 2) or (Grades 1-6) with additional preparation in literacy instruction (Birth-Grade 6).