Campus Visitors

Guidelines and Mandated Health Screening

In the best interests of our community, visitors to campus will continue to be limited and must be previously approved by your respective Vice President and/or Dean. As outlined in the Reopening New York standards, the University is implementing mandatory health screening practices of campus visitors as outlined below.

Who is a Visitor?

All individuals entering campus who are not an employee of Hofstra University or a registered student at Hofstra University are considered visitors. Examples include: members of the media, vendors/contractors, parents/guardians of Hofstra students, non-Hofstra professors/researchers, prospective students and their parents/guardians, job candidates, speakers, and non-Hofstra attendees at any campus event or meeting. Delivery personnel are not considered visitors for the purposes of this screening.

Mandatory Health Screening Questionnaire

All visitors must complete the mandatory health screening prior to their arrival on campus, when possible, or prior to participating in any activities on campus.

  • Hofstra employees are responsible for ensuring their visitor has completed the questionnaire prior to their arrival on campus and/or participation in any activities on campus.
  • Employees should send each anticipated visitor a link to this questionnaire, and ask them to complete it and notify you of its completion prior to their arrival. In instances when that is not possible, it must be completed prior to participating in any activities on campus. The individual they are visiting, or their designee is ultimately responsible for ensuring the questionnaire has been completed.
  • Questionnaire responses will be reviewed by the Office of Human Resources. Visitors are notified on the form that anyone who answers “yes” to any of the three questions is not permitted onto the campus.

Visitor Log

All departments must maintain a current log of their visitors coming to campus. These logs will need to be submitted to the Office of Human Resources at no later than noon every Monday for the prior week.
Visitor log should include:

    • Name of visitor
    • Best contact number for visitor
    • Date/time of visit
    • Reason for visit
    • Name of person(s) they are meeting
    • Location of building(s) they are visiting

Please direct all questions to