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Hofstra University Honors College

Neil Schloth
Class of 2014

“In Honors College, you meet so many different people that are passionate about so many different subjects.”

- Neil Schloth

Neil Schloth

For Neil Schloth, becoming a part of Hofstra University Honors College felt like destiny. From the time he was a second-grader, Neil, originally from Lynbrook, New York, attended Hofstra Summer Camp and later, the University's Adventure Education Camp run by Brian Clocksin, an associate professor in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences. Eventually, he began working at the camp as a 10th grader. So, it seemed like a sign when, upon admission to Honors College, Neil was assigned Professor Clocksin as a mentor.

Neil spent the spring of his first year at Hofstra speaking with deans and professors from different disciplines in search of the major that best fit his interests and aspirations. He finally decided on information technology. Honors option courses provide a great opportunity to tailor study around his interests and goals. "In Honors College, you meet so many different people that are passionate about so many different subjects," Neil said. "That's the best part … the diversity. You realize you want to have that passion, too, and you become very driven to find it."

While Honors College requires a greater commitment during the first year, the tight-knit community makes those demands worth it, Neil said. "While the work load may be especially challenging for new college freshmen, the core of friends we develop throughout the process makes that regular college transition so much easier."

In Introduction to Computer Concepts, Neil is focusing on his interest in consumer relations by examining crisis communication and information technology. "Once you get your honors option approved, you work closely with professors and develop relationships that mimic those in the professional world."

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