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Lawrence Herbert School of Communication

Confessions of an Intern

Learn about some intern experiences from the Herbert School of Communication

Hannah Lindner

The Place Beyond the Pines

In the early summer of 2011 I was unemployed, unmotivated and completely undecided about what I was going to do with my life. I had just finished my sophomore year here at Hofstra, and though I had learned a lot so far, I had not yet determined what I was supposed to do with a film production degree. I was starting to think I had made a mistake going to film school. Sure I loved filmmaking and I enjoyed learning about them in my classes, but to then take what I learned and somehow find a way into the insane industry that is Hollywood, well the whole thing just seemed so...improbable. And that’s exactly the summer of 2011 was for me…highly, highly improbable. Yet, it really did happen. Trust me I’ve pinched myself enough times to be sure of it.

It began at a summer party when one our family friends mentioned that a film was shooting in Schenectady in the coming months. Naturally I inquired further, so she showed me the local newspaper article. It didn’t contain many details, but it did have a contact at the bottom for the local film commission. After recovering from the shock that Schenectady (a run-down town twenty minutes outside of Albany) had a film commission, I e-mailed the contact. From there my application for an internship was forwarded to the film production coordinator. Two weeks later I was sitting in the production office for an interview. A few weeks after that I began working in the office during pre-production...

Read more of Hannah's amazing internship experience. (It includes Ryan Gosling.)

Hannah Lindner Ryan Gosling

Cara DiMarco, Video/Television (B.A.)

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Rinat Rozenblatt, Speech Communication & Rhetorical Studies (B.A.)

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