Rights and Responsibilities of Hofstra University Community Members

Hofstra University strives to cultivate moral responsibility, aesthetic sensitivity, creativity, emotional maturity, and the physical well-being of every member of our community. We also recognize the important role that our University plays in surrounding Long Island and New York City communities. Accordingly, Hofstra University has established standards of ethical behavior to protect individual rights and freedoms as well as the integrity and reputation of our institution. These standards include academic honesty, upholding academic freedoms, practicing equal opportunities, respecting differences, guaranteeing due process, protecting privacy, ensuring accessibility, and creating safe, positive learning, living, and working environments both on and off campus.

The University takes appropriate steps to enforce the policies and regulations set forth below. It is the purpose of this document to inform students, faculty, staff, and administrators of policies that specify their rights and responsibilities as members of the Hofstra community. The policies listed below speak not only to the rights of community members, but also to processes for recourse in the event that these rights are alleged to have been violated.

CBA—Collective Bargaining Agreement
FPS—Faculty Policy Series
GTP—Guide to Pride

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

* The Collective Bargaining Agreement supersedes the Faculty Policy Series.

Staff Rights and Responsibilities

  • Equal Opportunities

Administration Rights and Responsibilities

This document will be reviewed each year and updated to include new policies and laws.

This list, while comprehensive, does not purport to identify all the University's policies regarding the rights and responsibilities of our students, faculty, staff and administration but that all such policies are available on our website.