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Gifted students need stimulation, focus, encouragement, and room to experiment and engage in self-directed activities. If your child is gifted or academically advanced, you can provide a motivating, positive learning environment and the enrichment he or she needs to thrive.

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Bye-Bye Boredom for Your Gifted and Talented Child!

The Gifted Academy at Hofstra enables you to expand the scope of learning and creative experiences provided by your child's school.

Students entering Kindergarten through Grade 8 will be challenged -- and stimulated! -- through subjects such as Math, Science, Arts, and Humanities.

Each semester, course offerings are expanded in response to parental and student input. Working closely with other gifted students within their age group, your young one will have the opportunity to be exposed to other gifted children and to forge strong bonds of friendship.

About the Gifted Academy

Children who demonstrate intellectual abilities above their peers and age-appropriate classmates benefit enormously -- academically, socially, and emotionally -- when exposed to challenging and enriching curricula.

Course Offerings
Y1100 H.G.A. Hofstra Gifted Academy: Grades K-1 Get Class Info
Y1110 H.G.A. Hofstra Gifted Academy: Grades 2-3 Get Class Info
Y1120 H.G.A. Hofstra Gifted Academy: Grades 4-5 Get Class Info
Y1130 H.G.A. Hofstra Gifted Academy: Grades 6-8 Get Class Info

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