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School Facilities Safety and Security

In conjunction with the Nassau County Chapter of the New York State Association for Superintendents of School Buildings and Grounds, Hofstra University Continuing Education is pleased to offer a School Facilities Safety and Security Certificate Program designed to provide professional development to school facilities leaders. This program is also geared toward members of the school staff aspiring to careers in school facilities management or those pursuing a greater understanding of school facilities. This two-year certificate program, consisting of two classes per semester for a total of eight courses, focuses on the budgetary challenges and the complex rules and regulations faced by school district leaders. Led by school and industry leaders, the program is sure to add value to the services participants provide to school districts. Courses may be taken on an individual basis without participating in the certificate program. School district leaders contribute their vast cumulative experience, knowledge, and expertise to this program, with planned contributions from superintendents, business officials, Board of Education members, industry leaders, and legal experts. For more information, contact us at 516-463-7200, or ce-solutions@hofstra.edu

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Certificate Offerings

Course Offerings - Certificate Program
H3421 Building Cleaning and Maintenance Get Class Info
H3422 Management Get Class Info
H3423 Organizational Structure of the School District Get Class Info
H3424 Safety Get Class Info
H3425 Business Functions Get Class Info
H3426 Construction Get Class Info
H3427 Energy Management Get Class Info
H3428 Indoor Air Quality and Green Cleaning Get Class Info
Course Offerings - General
H3420 Introduction to School Facilities Management Get Class Info
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