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Hofstra University offers a wide range of academic, enrichment, exploration, digital media, and sports related classes. Each class is led by New York State certified teachers and/or professionals in the different areas.

Academic classes are designed to follow the appropriate grades New York State Standards and Curriculum for that subject area. Students will have the opportunity to work on and develop the skills and concepts taught to them in school. Students will then be challenged to take what they have learned and apply the concepts to go further in their learning.

In our enrichment, exploration, digital media, and sports classes, students will have the chance to dive deeper into topics they are passionate about. From learning a new language to designing their own video game, students can explore their interested in a new and exciting way.

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Summer Semester Classes Start July 13, 2024

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Make Saturday a Great Day for Learning

Saturday Classes for Young People encourage and inspire your child in the pursuit of knowledge and the love of learning. Children blossom in our small classroom settings. Winter and summer programs are 6-weeks long, while spring and fall sessions run 8 weeks. Choose from many classes including; reading, math, academics, STEM/STEAM, cartooning, theater, art, video game development, Minecraft, swimming instruction and even exercise classes for parents.

Kids love the learning experience on a “grown-up” college campus!

Four Seasons of Learning

Jumpstart learning in the new year with Winter Review (Reading / Writing / Math) classes! These courses are designed for students who can benefit from extra instruction. Other academic and enrichment classes are also available.

When spring is in bloom, so is test season. Exam preparation classes guide young students on how to properly study and prepare for their big exams, including Regents Prep and more. The Hofstra Gifted Academy also runs in the spring and fall quarters to provide a positive, supportive learning environment for academically advanced children.

Summer is a great time to S.U.R.F. – Summer University for Reviewing Fundamentals. This 6-week session provides an opportunity for students to refocus on fundamentals, sharpen their academic skills and lay the foundation for success in the following school year.

Attending Fall Saturday Classes for Young People is the absolutely the best way to kick off the school year. Small classes with low teacher-to-student ratios means your child receives personalized attention at the beginning of the school year.

Find out more about Saturday Classes for Young People, please contact the Program Director at 516-463-7400, or email ce-youth@hofstra.edu.

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