Hofstra University Continuing Education

Sports Journalism and Broadcasting Institute for Teens

Our program offerings and certificate program are offered to any teenager 12 to 18 years old. Our curriculum is centralized around teaching the fundamental skills required for the sports journalism and broadcasting industry as well as honing those proficiencies in our specialized training classes.

For more information, contact Michael Chisena, Sports Journalism Director, at 516-463-5909,
or email Michael.Chisena@hofstra.edu


Program Activities
We offer classroom learning and hands-on training activities for all of our programs.

Students will learn to develop and hone their skills in the following areas:
  • Research and Preparation
  • Writing
  • Interviewing (In-person, Skype, and Phone) with Division I Athletic Coaches and/or Special Industry Guests
  • Radio Anchoring, Hosting and Updates
  • Television Anchoring and Updates
  • Reporting
  • Round Table Hosting
  • Sports Debating
  • Post-Production Producing & Editing
  • Sports Broadcasting Fundamentals (Play-by-Play and Color Commentary)
  • Utilization of a Teleprompter
  • Vocal Coaching

Instruction and Feedback
Throughout all of our programs participants receive instructions and assessments from our instructor and special guest speakers.

Course Offerings for Teens
H1014 Introduction to Sportscasting for Teens Get Class Info
H1016 Intermediate Sportscasting for Teens Get Class Info
H0830 Introduction to Sports Journalism for Young Women Get Class Info
H0800 Sportscasting Research and Prep Get Class Info
H0805 Sports Writing, Blogging, and Social Media Get Class Info
H0810 How to Prepare and Conduct a Sports Related Interview Get Class Info
H0815 Sports Radio Hosting Get Class Info
H0820 Sports Television Hosting and Anchoring Get Class Info
H0821 Sports Producing and Editing Get Class Info
H0822 Television Sports Reporting Get Class Info
H0823 Hosting, Pre & Post Game Shows for Radio & TV Get Class Info
H0824 Sports Round Table Hosting Get Class Info
H0825 Sports Play-by-Play for TV & Radio Get Class Info
H0831 Sportscasting 101 for Teens Get Class Info
H0809 Vocal Coaching for Teens Get Class Info
H0848 Sports Journalism and Broadcasting Resume Reel Get Class Info
H0849 Sports Journalism Capstone Course Get Class Info
H0833 Sports Fantasy Preparation, Drafting. and Debating Get Class Info

Course Offerings for College Students
H0846 Sports Journalism and Broadcasting Training for College Students Get Class Info

Students are engaged and taught in state-of-the-art classrooms and specialized training rooms all on the Hofstra University campus.

The program features two specialized dedicated program training rooms:

TV Recording Studio (over 400’ square feet)
  • High Definition (HD) Camera
  • Shure Microphones
  • Teleprompter
  • High Definition Flat Screen Television
  • Ceiling-mounted Recessed LED Lighting
  • Specialized Genaray LED TV Dimmable Spot Lights
  • Sound Proofing Technology
  • Hofstra Branded Backdrop

Hofstra SPorts Journalism Audio Studio /
Audio Recording Studio (over 200’ square feet)
  • Behringer Mixer
  • Studio Amplifier
  • Rode Procaster Microphones
  • Behringer Headphones
  • Shure microphones
  • Studio Monitors
  • High Definition Flat Screen Television
  • Hofstra Branded Backdrop

Hofstra SPorts Journalism Video Studio /

Program Outcomes
Our passionate instructors and guest speakers are committed to providing a fun learning environment. We strive to provide team-building exercises that enhance childrens' self-esteem, confidence, and develop their passion.

We not only stress the importance of advancing academically and developing the technical skills, but we also incorporate the importance of learning and implementing various "soft skill" characteristics, such as:
  • Collaborating within a Group Setting
  • Effectively Communicating and Negotiating
  • Teamwork
  • Manners and Respect
  • Compassion and Empathy
  • Socialization
By learning both hard and soft skills within our programs, students are better prepared to enter the next phase of their life and career.

Fun Facts
  • Sports Journalism & Broadcasting Certificate Recipients Since 2014: 36
  • Sports Journalism Alumni (completed any course since 2000): over 1,100
  • Sports Journalism Alumni who attended Hofstra University to pursue a degree in communication from the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication: 57
Professional Development

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