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Databases are essential for online transactions and increasingly vital to the success of companies across nearly every industry. Being able to create and maintain Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Mongo DB and Oracle databases enables you to have the in-demand IT skills employers need now and in the future. Propel your IT career through the Database Design and Development Programs at Hofstra Continuing Education.

Certificate Offerings
Database Design and Development Programs That Meet Your Needs

Hofstra Continuing Education provides expert courses in the most up-to-date database software, as well as professional database design and development certificate options, including the Database Design Certificate Program and a convenient online certificate program.

Why Choose Hofstra Continuing Education to Launch or Increase Your IT Career Success

Did you know that over 85% of Hofstra’s Continuing Education students report that classes are challenging, enjoyable and applicable to their current positions. Additionally, almost 80% of students noted that the classes provided an immediate positive impact on their professional work.

  • Over 80 years of academic excellence
  • Rated in the top 150 of universities in America by U.S. News and World Report
  • Less than 30 minutes away from New York City
  • Prepares students with the skills they’ll need for the 21st century workplace
  • Provides experienced instructors who are leaders in the Database Design and Development field

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Database Design and Development Skills for the 21st Century

Hofstra University Continuing Education Design and Development Program offers the most advanced database instruction to give you the skills needed to succeed.

Course Offerings
T5202 Introduction to Database Design and SQL Programming Get Class Info
T1401 Introduction to Microsoft Access Get Class Info
T1421 Advanced Applications of Microsoft Access Get Class Info
T5311 Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server Get Class Info
T5321 Advanced Microsoft SQL Server Get Class Info

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T3000 Introduction to Coding - Python Get Class Info
T3001 Intermediate Coding - Python Get Class Info
T4061 Web Development and Web Applications with ASP.NET, C# and VB.Net - Online Program Get Class Info
T4062 Advanced ASP.Net - Online Program Get Class Info
T5550 Microsoft Sharepoint Get Class Info

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