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Sports Journalism and Broadcasting Certificate Program for Teens

You don’t have to wait for college to experience sports journalism and broadcasting. At the Sports Journalism and Broadcasting Institute for Teens, our non-credited certificate program is open to anyone from 12 to 18 years of age.

The in-depth series of courses within the certificate program shall provide students with the necessary fundamental core foundations and skill sets required in sports journalism, as well as, how to become a well-rounded sportscaster. Students are taught in state-of-the-art classrooms and studios on the Hofstra University campus.

Non-Credit Certificate Program Requirements
The Sports Journalism certificate program requires successful completion of six (6) required courses and two (2) elective course.

Required Courses
H1014 - Introduction to Sportscasting for Teens (For Student Grades 7-12)
H0830 - Introduction to Sports Journalism for Young Women (Ages: 12 to 18)

H0800 - Introduction to Sports Research and Sportscasting Prep
H0805 - Sports Writing, Blogging, and Social Media 
H0810 - How to Prepare and Conduct a Sports Related Interview
H0815 - Sports Radio Hosting
H0821 - Sports Producing and Editing

Elective Courses
H1016 - Intermediate Sportscasting for Teens (For Students Grades 7-12)
H0809 - Vocal Coaching for Teens
H0820 - Sports Television Hosting and Anchoring
H0822 - Television Sports Reporting
H0823 - Hosting, Pre & Post Game Shows for Radio & TV
H0824 - Sports Round Table Hosting
H0825 - Sports Play-by-Play for TV & Radio
H0831 - Sports Journalism 101 for Teens (Grades 6-12)

The skills sets taught in this certificate program will help prepare students for college level studies, work experiences, and future career goals.

Our instructors through critical critique will provide honest student assessments.

Upon successful completion of the programs students will receive a Hofstra University Continuing Education official student transcript and a program certificate. Certificate can be earned in less than 12-months.

Tuition Discounts Available

  • Early registration discounts apply for every program.
  • Interest free payment plans are available.

All Sports Journalism programs can be taken as Open Enrollment classes.

For more information, contact Michael Chisena, Sports Journalism Director, at 516-463-5909,
or email Michael.Chisena@hofstra.edu.

Note: Continuing Education reserves to right to adjust and/or substitute program courses and curriculum as required.

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