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I always enjoy sharing stories and anecdotes about my career, as well as distributing the materials that I use in preparing for a broadcast.

Kenny Albert
FOX Sports/MSG Network/NBCSN

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The sports journalism programs at Hofstra Continuing Education are an invaluable experience for young people who are interested in pursuing a career in the business.

Kevin Dexter

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It has been a joy to watch kids who are interested in the field of broadcasting get the chance to learn more, practice more, and then put their new knowledge to work.

Keith Irizarry

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Mike Breen

Freddie Coleman

Tracy Wolfson
CBS Sports

Chris Kinger
NY Islanders Broadcaster

The Hofstra Sportscasting summer workshop is one of the finest programs giving teenagers a true picture of the opportunities in this field...

Barry Landers

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And by taking the “Intermediate Sportscasting for Teens” camp at Hofstra University, you and your children will be setting yourselves up to become the storytellers that will lead future generations.

Rick Rissetto

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These courses not only gave students real world situations but the opportunity to meet with those who practice these skills each day.

John Santucci
Segment Producer for ABC’s Good Morning America

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Bryan Armetta

Julia Esposito

Nolan Kangas

Artemis Tsagaris

At The Hofstra Sports Broadcasting Program I learned the essential skills needed to be a successful sports broadcaster. The Hofstra Sports Broadcasting Program gave me the confidence and knowledge I need going into college as journalism major.     

Lauren Russell

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Not only do you learn the skills of Sportscasting, but you also learn about the profession it's self from men and women who have been very successful in the field.

Kevin Kelly

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The opportunities presented to campers are incredible, and lay the groundwork for a career in sports broadcasting

Michael Leslie

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My experience here has been amazing. I was introduced and taught to use certain equipment used by broadcasters and cameramen such as teleprompters, editing programs, and special cameras.

Charlie Maisano

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The relationships I began and fostered, during my three years at the Summer Sportscasting Camp, have helped drive me to choose broadcasting as a career.

Brendan May

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It really gives you a feel for what the job entails, and is a wonderful experience, which is both fun, and educational.

John McHugh

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We learned how to interview, edit, and deliver a broadcast. I can’t wait to go back this summer!

Alex Mitchell

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All the instructors were excellent and took time to explain how to research, write, and deliver our broadcast.

Artemis Tsagaris

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The guys who teach these classes are super friendly and always willing to help you improve on things to make you better

Neil Villapiano

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I am so glad that I attended in the previous years and plan on attending more programs in the future to increase my skills in sports broadcasting.

Amanda Zumpano

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All of the instructors in the program were extremely knowledgeable, well‐versed and enthusiastic about the field of sports journalism and broadcasting.

Jill & Rich Esposito

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The Sports Journalism and Broadcasting for Teens program was the first time Adam was excited and fully engaged in any academic program. He absolutely thrived.

Mr. Jack Hartog

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The instructors are fantastic and make every aspect of sports journalism exciting-from interviews, to reporting, even editing and research.

Mrs. Rebecca Hirschwerk

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All the programs are incredible and with the hard work of the many who are involved in the program I am certain it will only get better in the future.

Mrs. Madeline Maisano

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The courses she took enhanced her writing and presentation skills, with sports as a backdrop.

George and Demetria Tsagaris

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It provides young people with actual in-depth participation in the process of Sports Journalism so that they can decide in an informed way whether the industry is truly for them, based on reality, not merely interest.

Mr. Gavino Villapiano

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The progress in my son's communication skills has been amazing. If your child is looking for enrichment in the sports journalism field, there is no better place than the Hofstra Sports Journalism Institute.

Mr. Frank Valluzzi

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