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Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters

The CPCU program is recommended for experienced insurance personnel who have sufficient knowledge of insurance practices and some formal study of the insurance principles underlying those practices. This group includes individuals who have completed IIA associate designation programs, risk managers, safety professionals, accountants, attorneys, professors of finance and insurance, and recent graduates of schools of business, as well as other professionals whose jobs require an understanding of insurance contracts and functions.

Program Overview
In this eight-course CPCU program, students gain a broad understanding of property casualty insurance with the choice of a commercial or personal lines concentration. To complete the education requirements, students must pass eight national examinations.

CPCU Curriculum
The curriculum consists of four foundation courses; three from either the commercial or personal concentration, and one elective, to earn the CPCU designation. See www.theinstitutes.org for elective courses.

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Foundation courses (all four are required):
H7300 CPCU 500 – Foundations of Risk Management and Insurance Get Class Info
H7305 CPCU 520 – Insurance Operations Get Class Info
H7310 CPCU 530 – Business Law for Insurance Professionals Get Class Info
H7315 CPCU 540 – Finance and Accounting for Insurance Professionals Get Class Info

Choose the personal or commercial concentration and take all three courses:

Commercial Concentration (with personal survey)
H7325 CPCU 551 – Commercial Property Risk Management and Insurance Get Class Info
H7330 CPCU 552 – Commercial Liability Risk Management and Insurance Get Class Info
H7335 CPCU 553 – Survey of Personal Risk Management, Insurance and Financial Planning Get Class Info

Personal Concentration (with commercial survey)
H7340 CPCU 555 – Personal Risk Management and Property-Liability Insurance Get Class Info
H7345 CPCU 556 – Personal Financial Planning Get Class Info
H7350 CPCU 557 – Survey of Commercial Risk Management and Insurance Get Class Info

Note: Study materials for CPCU courses should be ordered from The Institutes by calling (800) 644-2101. For more information about changes to the CPCU program visit www.theinstitutes.org

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