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Journalism, Media Studies, and Public Relations Faculty

Full Time | Adjunct

Our award-winning faculty is of the highest caliber, each averaging more than 20 years of experience in their respective fields. Our journalism faculty have worked at national newspapers, major magazines, leading websites, and network television stations. In addition, our public relations faculty have expertise in the corporate, nonprofit, and community service sectors. Our media studies faculty present their research at international, national, and regional conferences, regularly contribute to scholarly journals, and work as consultants and analysts for media-related companies.

Full Time Faculty Directory

Cliff Jernigan, PhD
Department Chair and Associate Professor
322A Herbert School of Communication
(516) 463-4873
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Kara Alaimo, PhD
Assistant Professor
313 Herbert School of Communication
(516) 463-5208
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Suzanne Berman
Associate Professor
419 Shapiro Family Hall
(516) 463-4625
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Russell S. Chun
Assistant Professor
315 Herbert School of Communication
(516) 463-7244
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Susan Drucker, JD
(516) 463-5304
126 Herbert School of Communication
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Kelly Fincham
Associate Professor
145 Herbert School of Communication
(516) 463-4338
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Carol Fletcher
Associate Professor
402 Shapiro Family Hall
(516) 463-6464
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Ellen T. Frisina
Associate Professor
411 Shapiro Family Hall
(516) 463-6373
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Victoria Geyer-Semple
Associate Professor
412 Shapiro Family Hall
(516) 463-6513
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Mario Gonzalez
Assistant Professor
309C Herbert School of Communication
(516) 463-5203
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Peter Goodman
Associate Professor
404 Shapiro Family Hall
(516) 463-6556
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Jeffrey Morosoff
Associate Professor
119 Herbert School of Communication
(516) 463-5248
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Joseph Peyronnin
Associate Professor
403 Shapiro Family Hall
(516) 463-6463
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Jingsi Christina Wu, PhD
Associate Professor
413 Shapiro Family Hall
(516) 463-5226
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Kristal Zook, PhD
409 Shapiro Family Hall
(516) 463-4304
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MaryAnn Allison, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Emerita

Adjunct Faculty

Bambrick, Richard
Bloom, Laurie
Brinton, Scott
Brooks, Dwight
Cassidy, Robert
Cline Sargent, Jennifer
Corry, Carl
Cramer, Judith
D'Alosio, Anna
Dobrin, Arthur
Dreyer, Don
Gant, Richard
Graber, Andy
Hastick-Motes, Renee
Hoell, Robert
Jacobellis, Theresa
James, Carolyn
Jeansonne, John

Kelly, Christina
Khan, Daryl M.
Long, John
McFadden, Brian
Meador, Daryl Celeste
Motes, Renee
Olivos, Cassandra
O'Malley, Richard
Parziale, James
Peltola, Arlene
Roberts, Christal
Scranton, Annie P.
Stuart, Jamie
Taub, Irene
Topper, Hilary
Vaccaro, Christopher
van Benthuysen, Daniel
VanNess, Shawna
Watt, Michael
Young, Peter