Undergraduate Admission


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Where is Hofstra University located?
Hofstra University is located in Nassau County on suburban Long Island, just 25 miles outside the heart of New York City.

Where can I find general campus information?
Please visit our Information Center page for general campus information.

Do I need a car if I live on campus? Is there a fee if I choose to have one?
There is no fee, but you must obtain a parking permit through Public Safety in order to be authorized to park on campus. However, a car is not necessary if you reside on campus. Hofstra provides a shuttle bus to all students with both on- and off-campus destinations. Please view the Hofstra Shuttle schedule and map.

How is campus security?
In addition to safeguarding Hofstra's 244-acre campus, the Hofstra University Department of Public Safety provides numerous services to more than 13,000 community members, of whom approximately 4,000 reside on campus. We have provided the most recent Annual Security and Fire Safety Report for your review.  

How do I get onto Hofstra’s mailing list?
Request information from Hofstra and select the group that best describes you.

How do I receive Hofstra’s Bulletin?
Hofstra’s Bulletin is only available online. Please view current or past Bulletins on our Undergraduate Online Bulletin page.

How do I find out my Hofstra identification number?
Your Hofstra ID should be sent to you via email. If you are not sure of your ID number, call 516-463-6700.

In what division do Hofstra sports teams compete?
Hofstra has 21 varsity sports, which all compete at the NCAA Division I level in the Colonial Athletic Association. Please check out the “Campus Life” section of Hofstra’s “At a Glance” for the athletic program summary. For more information about specific Hofstra teams and schedules, please view the official website of Hofstra Pride Athletics.

Does Hofstra offer intramural sports?
Yes! To learn more about intramural teams, classes, and more, please visit the Department of Recreation webpage.

Who do I speak to about living on campus?
For information about on-campus housing, please contact the Office of Residence Life.

Where do I find more information about off-campus housing?
For information about off-campus housing, please contact Commuting Student Services and Community Outreach.

How do I find out if classes are canceled or the University administrative offices are closed due to inclement weather?
Hofstra has a campus weather hotline, which is updated in instances of University closures or delayed openings. The hotline number is 516-463-SNOW. We also have the C.A.N.N. (Campus Alert Notification Network) that will send a message directly to your phone and Hofstra email account in the event of inclement weather or a campus emergency.  You can also call Public Safety’s non-emergency number at 516-463-6606 or check the Campus Alerts webpage.

How do I schedule a visit?
Please visit our Admission page to schedule a campus tour and information session.

I need to reschedule my visit.
You can call 516-463-6700 to reschedule your information session and tour.

How do I register for an event?
Please visit our Admission Event Registration page to register for an event.

Do you have a list of local hotels near Hofstra?
Please visit the Visitors Center on the Hofstra website for a list of local hotels.

What can I type into my GPS to get to Hofstra?
You can enter:
1000 Fulton Avenue
Hempstead, NY 11549

What are the directions to Hofstra?
Please view the Visitors Center on the Hofstra website for directions to Hofstra.

Can I take a summer course at Hofstra as a high school or non-Hofstra student?
Yes, you can take a course at Hofstra without being a matriculated Hofstra student. You must apply using the Visiting Student Application. Please note that you must complete your junior year of high school before taking a summer course at Hofstra.

How do I find out what courses Hofstra is offering over the summer?
To view a summer course list, please see our Summer Bulletin. Select the Bulletin you wish to view from the drop-down menu and click on the “Schedule of Summer Classes” link to search classes for summer sessions.

What is The Stuart and Nancy Rabinowitz Honors College?
The Stuart and Nancy Rabinowitz Honors College (RHC) offers an innovative curriculum blending liberal arts with all majors, catering to top-performing first-year undergraduates. Emphasizing multidisciplinary learning, community building, and identity formation, RHC is highly selective. While not solely focused on standardized test scores or GPA, applicants should have excelled in rigorous coursework (honors, IB, AP) with a strong high school average. A score of 1340 on SAT (or 29 on ACT) is recommended if submitting scores. Leadership potential in both academic and extracurricular realms is highly valued. For more information visit hofstra.edu/honors-college.

What is LEAP?
Hofstra's Legal Education Accelerated Program (LEAP) is a six-year combined BA/JD program. Students admitted into this program pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA) at Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for three years and then have the opportunity to complete a juris doctor (JD) at Hofstra Law School in three additional years.

What is PALS?
Hofstra’s Program for Academic Learning Skills (PALS) is designed for college-bound students with documented learning disabilities. The PALS admission committee will review standard admission credentials (transcripts, standardized test scores, etc.), in collaboration with psychological testing, in order to determine eligibility for a personal interview. An admission decision will be made after this interview.

What is NOAH?
New Opportunities At Hofstra (NOAH) is a special Hofstra admission program open to New York state residents who (1) are eligible for TAP; (2) are considered economically disadvantaged as defined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services poverty guidelines; and (3) attend high school in a New York state-recognized high-needs school district. To be considered for NOAH, students must submit their completed application no later than February 1. NOAH requires an interview and the submission of financial documentation prior to the rendering of an admission decision. For more information, please visit hofstra.edu/noah.

What is Nursing?
Hofstra’s undergraduate nursing program leverages the clinical and educational resources of both Hofstra University and Northwell Health, New York state’s largest healthcare provider and private employer. The program is the latest collaboration in the academic-practice partnership between the two institutions following the establishment of the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell and the Hofstra Northwell School of Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies.  For more information visit hofstra.edu/nursing.

What is Physician’s Assistant Studies?
Physician Assistant (PA) Studies Program is a dual-degree program designed to provide students with the opportunity to earn both the BS and MS degrees in five and a half years. Admission to this program is open only to first-year students and is highly selective.

What is SLHS?
In the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences in Hofstra University's School of Health Professions and Human Services, students prepare to become skilled, compassionate healthcare professionals in the science of human communication and its disorders. For more information, click here.

How do I apply for financial aid?
Please visit our Student Financial Services website for information about applying and receiving financial aid.

What kinds of merit-based scholarships are offered at Hofstra?
Please visit our Financial Aid website for information regarding Hofstra’s merit-based scholarships and awards.

I have been admitted to Hofstra already. When will I hear about a merit scholarship?
In order to qualify for a merit-based scholarship, you must meet certain academic criteria. These scholarships are primarily based on your academic profile and standardized test scores. You will find out if you earned a merit scholarship when you receive your acceptance letter. Please see our Scholarships page for more information on merit-based scholarships.

Who do I speak to regarding student employment?
Please see our Student Employment page for more information about working on campus or review our Federal Work-Study FAQ.

What is the cost of tuition, fees, housing, and food, etc.?
Please see Hofstra’s Bursar page for the latest information on Hofstra’s tuition, fees, and housing.

When will I need to pay my bill?
View current due dates.

How do I apply to Hofstra University?
You may apply to Hofstra using either our own Hofstra application or the Common Application. Further information regarding the application process is listed on these sites. 

What are Hofstra’s application requirements?
Please review the Hofstra Undergraduate Application for important dates and deadlines. You can also view our Academic Bulletin for additional information.

What is the deadline for applying?
We have three application timelines that you can utilize when applying to Hofstra. We are an Early Action school, not an Early Decision school, meaning you can apply Early Action and it is a non-binding agreement. The Early Action I deadline is November 15, and Early Action II will have a submission deadline of December 15. By applying Early Action, you will receive an admission decision on or about four weeks from the deadline.  You can still apply after those two Early Action dates, as we accept applications all year round on a rolling basis. Please visit hofstra.edu/apply for information.

Does Hofstra have Early Action? Is it binding? What is the deadline?
Hofstra does offer Early Action, but it is not binding. Please view our First-Year Applicant webpage for deadlines and dates.

Where are Hofstra's graduates now?
Check out our outcomes page to see what the average Hofstra graduate accomplishes after graduation.

Will an Admission counselor visit my town?
Visit Hofstra’s Admission page and search your school for dates and locations of out-of-state visits.  

Is it possible to interview with an Admission counselor; if so, how do I schedule an interview?
Interviews are not required, but can be arranged. It is preferred that the student has already applied before scheduling an interview. To schedule an interview, call 516-463-6700.

How do I find out my application status?
If you have applied to Hofstra and wish to check on the status of your application, visit the Hofstra portal at my.hofstra.edu; you will need your username and password. You may also call 516-463-6700 for a status update. Please note that admission decisions are only released via U.S. mail and will not be disseminated in any other way.

I’ve sent all my required documentation. Why is it not showing up on my online application?
Due to an overwhelming number of applications, it can take several weeks for documents to appear in our system once they are received. Please bear with us as we work to update our records as quickly as possible.

I received a letter stating that I was waitlisted. When will I know if a spot opens up?
Waitlisted applicants will be notified after June 1 (for the fall semester) if space is available. If the applicant is still interested, official notification of the decision is sent via postal mail.

May I receive an application fee waiver?
Hofstra does accept fee waivers in any written form as long as it is provided by the student’s high school guidance counselor. Please have the form or letter mailed or faxed to our Undergraduate Admission office. We are also able to offer fee waivers on a case-by-case basis. You can reach out directly to your admission counselor and they will gladly let you know if we are able to offer you a fee waiver.

I applied to Hofstra in the past and am looking to reapply. What forms/documentation do I need?
The forms and documentation that are required depends on your current status. Determine the necessary actions for your situation. If you have applied within the past year, you can submit a reactivation form.

I have attended Hofstra in the past and am looking to return. What should I do?
If you have attended Hofstra in the past and would like to return, you must submit a transfer application.

Do I need to audition if I am interested in a Music, Dance, Choral, or Theater major?
Learn more about specific audition requirements for each program.

Does Hofstra offer online undergraduate classes?
Please view Hofstra’s Distance Learning page to see the current list of undergraduate courses that are offered online.

Once I have been admitted, what steps do I need to take to enroll?
Admitted students must reserve their place in the incoming class at Hofstra University.

  1. Submit your Enrollment-Orientation deposit online at my.hofstra.edu or mail your Enrollment-Orientation card to:
    Hofstra University
    Office of Admission
    100 Hofstra University
    Hempstead, NY 11549
  2. If you plan to live on campus, you will also need to submit your Student Housing Application Form (with a $300 deposit) through the Hofstra portal.

**All necessary forms and pre-addressed envelopes are provided in your admit packet.

Is my Enrollment-Orientation deposit refundable?
These deposits are nonrefundable after May 1 for fall admission and January 1 for spring admission.

How do I apply for on-campus housing?
For step-by-step instructions on applying for on-campus housing visit our Residence Life webpage.

How do I know what AP and IB credits Hofstra will accept?
Please go to the College Credit page to determine Hofstra’s required score for various AP and IB credits.

When will Orientation be held for new students?
Visit our Orientation page for information.

When do I register for classes?
Incoming first-year students register for classes at New Student Orientation. Transfer students can register during a Transfer Day or they can schedule an individual appointment with an advising dean upon Hofstra’s receipt of their tuition deposit.

What are the conduct expectations for admitted students?
Admitted students are members of the Hofstra community, and, as such, are expected to meet the University’s standards of conduct created to uphold and promote an inclusive academic community. You can learn more about the University’s conduct expectations for students at hofstra.edu/guidetopride.

What resources are available to me throughout my time at Hofstra?
Hofstra offers a number of resources to our students. Please look at our Academic Support webpage to see a list of some of our services.

I know a decision has been made, but I still haven’t received my letter.
You can call 516-463-6700 to make sure we have your correct address on file.

Is there a special application for transfer students?
Yes, there is an application specified for transfer students. Visit the Transfer Application in order to apply as a transfer student.

How do I know how my current college credits will transfer to Hofstra?
There are a few ways to go about determining how your current college credits will transfer to Hofstra. Your first option is to look at the Credit Evaluation section of our website where we have several colleges listed; select your school to see the translation. You can attend Hofstra’s Transfer Day where you will receive an on-site admission decision and have the opportunity to sit down with an Admission Counselor in order to determine how your credits will transfer. You can also make a Transfer Center appointment to go over your courses with an Admission Counselor and an Academic Advising Dean

What is the minimum grade required to receive transfer credit at Hofstra?
Appropriate courses completed with a minimum grade of C- or the equivalent at fully accredited institutions are transferable. To see the full list of requirements, please see Hofstra’s Transfer Credit Policy.

How many of my total credits must be taken at Hofstra to earn a Hofstra diploma?
A total of 30 credits must be taken at Hofstra, and 15 of those credits must be courses in your major.

Is there a maximum number of credits that can be transferred?
Please read Hofstra’s Transfer Credit Policy.

I have a degree from another university, but am thinking about getting a degree in another area. How do I go about applying to Hofstra?
You should speak to one of Hofstra’s Transfer Counselors. The contact information for our current Transfer Counselors can be found in the Transfer Center on our Transfer Admission webpage.  

What do I need to bring to a Transfer Day event and what will be accomplished?
Transfer Days are events held during the winter and summer designed to expedite the enrollment process for transfer students. Students attending these events will have the opportunity to receive an admission decision and credit evaluation, meet with an advisor, and register for courses. Students seeking an admission decision must submit transcripts from all previously attended institutions. Register for an event date or you can view a sample schedule to learn what a Transfer Day entails.

What is the minimum GPA required for transfer students?
Please view the transfer section of Hofstra’s Admission page to learn the admission requirements for a transfer student.  

Is there an orientation for transfer students?
As an incoming transfer student, you are invited to attend Hofstra’s Transfer Day and Welcome Week. Please register by going to our Transfer Admission Events page.  

Is there housing available for transfer students?
Yes. Hofstra currently has 36 residence halls. You have the opportunity to schedule an information session and tour to learn more about Hofstra, see our campus, and tour a residence hall. Please see our Transfer Student FAQ for important housing deadlines for transfer students.

Do I need copies of my high school transcript and test scores if I am a transfer student?
A high school transcript and test scores are only required if you have not completed the minimum number of credit hours at your previous college. For information about what is required to ensure your application is complete, please review our Transfer Student FAQ.  

Are scholarships available to transfer students?
Yes, scholarships are available to transfer students. To learn more about financial aid opportunities for transfer students, please view Hofstra’s Scholarships Available for Transfer Students page.

Is there a separate application for international applicants?
Yes, Hofstra does have a separate application for international students. Apply as an international student.

How do I apply to Hofstra if I already have an undergraduate degree from another country?
This depends on the type of degree and what country the degree is from. You should contact one of Hofstra’s International Admission Counselors for information regarding your specific situation.

I would like to speak to an Admission Counselor. How do I do this?
As an international student, you should contact Hofstra’s International Admission Counselors. One of our International Admission Deans will respond to your inquiry.

What standardized tests are required for international students, and what is the minimum score?
Please see our International Student Frequently Asked Questions page for information on all admission requirements for international students.

What is the process for obtaining an I-20 or F-1 Visa Transfer Form?
Please download the application for an I-20 and F-1 Visa Transfer Form.

As a school counselor, how do I go about having an Admission Dean visit my high school or attend a college fair?
You should send an email to Hofstra’s Office of Admission or call 516-463-6700.

Where can I find the application deadlines for students interested in applying to Hofstra?
Please visit our Counselor’s Corner to view Hofstra’s application deadlines and notification dates.

Does Hofstra host events for counselors?
Hofstra hosts a number of events geared toward high school and/or college counselors. Please register for an event through our Admission Events Registration Form.