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Sports Journalism and Broadcasting Institute for Teens

For more information, contact Michael Chisena, Sports Journalism Director, at 516-463-5909,
or email Michael.Chisena@hofstra.edu


Sports journalism is a rapidly growing media outlet that focuses on reporting of sports-related topics and sporting events.

Sports journalism's fundamentals include, but are not limited to: researching a topic, interviewing skills, the ability to be organized and prepared to go on the air, and the importance of writing and how to do so for radio and television. Our sports media/journalism pre-collegiate programs are designed to prepare young broadcasters with the basic skill sets they will need to succeed in the television and radio industry.

These seminars include lessons from a professional who has broadcasted on every level and handled all types of stories, from news to sports, and even entertainment.

The ultimate goal of these programs is to get students to be fundamentally sound as they embark on a future in sports journalism and broadcasting.

Course Offerings for Teens
H1014 Introduction to Sportscasting for Teens Get Class Info
H1016 Intermediate Sportscasting for Teens Get Class Info
H0830 Introduction to Sports Journalism for Young Women Get Class Info
H0800 Sportscasting Research and Prep Get Class Info
H0805 Sports Writing, Blogging, and Social Media Get Class Info
H0810 How to Prepare and Conduct a Sports Related Interview Get Class Info
H0815 Sports Radio Hosting Get Class Info
H0820 Sports Television Hosting and Anchoring Get Class Info
H0821 Sports Producing and Editing Get Class Info
H0822 Television Sports Reporting Get Class Info
H0823 Hosting, Pre & Post Game Shows for Radio & TV Get Class Info
H0824 Sports Round Table Hosting Get Class Info
H0825 Sports Play-by-Play for TV & Radio Get Class Info
H0831 Sportscasting 101 for Teens Get Class Info
H0809 Vocal Coaching for Teens Get Class Info
H0848 Sports Journalism and Broadcasting Resume Reel Get Class Info
H0849 Sports Journalism Capstone Course Get Class Info
H0833 Sports Fantasy Preparation, Drafting. and Debating Get Class Info

Course Offerings for College Students
H0846 Sports Journalism and Broadcasting Training for College Students Get Class Info

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