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Frank G. Zarb School of Business
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Core Competencies - Semester Hours: 2-6

The core competency requirement provides students with exposure to a survey of economics and the legal, political, regulatory, and ethical environment of business. These areas of business provide the base of knowledge necessary to understand how a business organization functions. Up to two 200-level core competency requirements may be satisfied through the successful completion of appropriate previous course work with grades of B or better taken within a specific time frame prior to enrollment in the MBA Program or through satisfactory performance on a proficiency examination administered by the appropriate department within the Zarb School of Business.

Previous course work is evaluated by the Graduate Programs Office of the Zarb School of Business immediately upon a student’s admission. The results of this evaluation, including notification of the core competencies required as part of each individual student’s course of study in the MBA Program, will be communicated to all students with their letter of admission. Further evaluation of core competencies after admission will only be undertaken for those students admitted directly from their baccalaureate program of study and for whom final undergraduate transcripts were not available at the time of admission.

Students should note that in-service training courses, corporate training, and other non-degree bearing credit courses are not acceptable for credit toward the core competencies. Courses taken at junior or community colleges are generally not acceptable for credit toward core competency courses.

ECO 200 - Survey of Economics Semester Hours: 2
ECO 200 may be waived if a student completed two undergraduate courses or one graduate course inclusive of both microeconomics and macroeconomics with an average grade of at least B within the past five years.

LEGL 200 - Legal, Political, Regulatory and Ethical Environment of Business Semester Hours: 2
LEGL 200 may be waived if a student completed equivalent course(s) inclusive of all topics listed in the course title with a grade of at least B within the past five years.

MGT 200 - Business Ethics and Society Semester Hours: 2 (Same as LEGL 201)