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Debate 2012 - October 16, 2012

A Guide to the Presidential Debate and Pride, Politics & Policy Education and Event Series

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Host a Debate Watch

DebateWatch Overview

DebateWatch is a voter education program of the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD). DebateWatch brings citizens like you together to watch the televised debates, talk about what you learned, and, if you choose to, share your reactions with the CPD. The beauty of this program is its flexibility; anyone can participate including children, young adults, or retirees. DebateWatches can take place in high-profile televised venues with hundreds of people, or they can occur in people's living rooms with half a dozen neighbors.

Quick Tips About DebateWatch

Anyone can host a DebateWatch! Just pick a place with a television, pick a group of people, and pick a discussion leader. Organize a DebateWatch by yourself or in conjunction with your civic group, school, job, or neighbors. If you can't hold a DebateWatch when a debate is aired, simply record it and hold the discussion the next day. Leading a DebateWatch does not require any special skills or expertise. Your main role is to pose discussion questions to the group members after they watch the debate. In the process you will make sure everyone gets a chance to speak and you will settle any disagreements among participants. Be sure to consider what to do before the debate and the night of the debate.

For more information about hosting a debate watch, or hosting a successful debate for an upcoming election, visit the Commission on Presidential Debate website at