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Benita Sampedro

Dorothy and Arthur Engle Distinguished Prof in Literature and Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures


PHD, 1997, New York Univ (NYU); MA, 1992, New York Univ (NYU)


Benita Sampedro Vizcaya is Professor of Spanish Colonial Studies at Hofstra University. Her research engages –academically and politically— with Spanish colonial pasts and presents, archives, and legacies, both in North and Sub-Saharan Africa and in Latin America and the Caribbean. She is invested in the study of colonial links within and beyond the frame of the multiple Spanish imperial Atlantic and global networks, and has published widely on the politics and processes of decolonization, colonial medicine, colonial domestic service, the colonial politics of meteorology, colonial carceral systems, colonial archives, border mobility, and on the ruins of late colonial modernity.

Professor Sampedro Vizcaya has served as member of the Executive Committee of the Global Hispanophone Forum at the Modern Language Association (2015-2020), and currently serves on the Executive Committee on 20th and 21st Century Spanish and Iberian Languages, Literatures and Cultures (2021-2026). She was Vice-Director of the Centro de Estudios Afro-Hispánicos at the UNED in Madrid (2017-2019), and founding Associate Director of the Center for “Race", Culture and Social Justice at Hofstra University (2017-2020). Since January 2021, she is Dorothy and Arthur Engle Distinguished Professor in Literature at Hofstra University.

A selection of her publications includes the following (for further publications, please visit her academia page):

--“¡Aquella mansión de desconsuelo y de horror!" Lo que sabemos, ignoramos e inventamos sobre el pasado y el presente de Guinea Ecuatorial. Revisión crítica multidisciplinar y nuevas vías de investigación. Eds. Juan Aranzadi and Gonzalo Alvarez Chillida. Madrid: UNED, 2020: 441-470

--“Inscribing islands. From Cuba to Fernando Poo and back". Transatlantic Studies: Latin America, Iberia, and Africa. Eds. Cecilia Enjuto-Rangel, Sebastiaan Faber, Pedro García-Caro and Robert P. Newcomb. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2019: 99-113

--“The colonial politics of meteorology. The West African expedition of the Urquiola sisters". Unsettling colonialism: Transoceanic perspectives on gender and race in the nineteenth-century Hispanic world. Eds. Michelle Murray and Akiko Tsuchiya. Albany: SUNY Press, 2019: 19-53

--Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies. Special Guest Editor of a double monographic issue entitled “Entering the Global Hispanophone" 20.1-2 (May 2019): 1-16

--“Transiting Western Sahara". Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies 20.1-2 (May 2019): 17-38

--“Health, raciality and modernity in colonial Equatorial Guinea". Post/colonialism and the pursuit of freedom in the black Atlantic. Ed. Jerome Branche. New York: Routledge, 2018: 51-74

--Re-routing Galician Studies: Multidisciplinary interventions. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017

--“La economía política de la sanidad colonial en Guinea Ecuatorial". Éndoxa, Series Filosóficas 37 (June 2016): 279-298

--Ceiba II. (Poesía inédita). Critical and annotated edition of unpublished manuscript by Raquel Ilombe del Pozo Epita. Madrid: Ediciones Verbum, 2015

--“Ekomo’s interventions". African immigrants and contemporary Spanish texts. Crossing the Straits. Eds. Debra Faszer-McMahon and Victoria Ketz. New York: Routledge, 2015: 177-192

--Revista Debats. Special Guest Editor of a monographic issue entitled “Guinea Ecuatorial: Poéticas / Políticas / Discursividades" 123.2 (April 2014)

--“Tríptico sobre las últimas publicaciones literarias filipinas en español". Transmodernity: Journal of Peripheral Cultural Production of the Luso-Hispanic World 4.1 (Fall 2014): 273-280

--“Routes to Ruin". Revista de Lengua y Literatura 7.2 (November 2012):

--“Engaging the Atlantic: New routes, new responsibilities". Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 89.8 (December 2012): 905-922

--“Guinea Ecuatorial en la agenda política de los Estados Unidos". Palabras: Revista de la cultura y de las ideas 2 (September 2010): 65-82

--“Archivos insulares y violencia imperial". La violencia en el mundo hispánico en el siglo de oro. Eds. Juan Manuel Escudero and Victoriano Roncero. Madrid: Visor Libros, 2010: 279-290

--Afro-Hispanic Review. Special Guest Editor of a double monographic issue entitled “Theorizing Equatorial Guinea" 28.2 (Fall 2009)

--“Rethinking the archive and the colonial library: Equatorial Guinea". Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies 9.3 (November 2008): 341-363

--Border interrogations: Questioning Spanish frontiers. Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2008. Reprinted in paperback, 2011

--“Breve visita al archivo colonial guineano". La situación actual del español en '?frica. Eds. Gloria Nistal Rosique and Guillermo Pié Jahn. Madrid: Sial Ediciones, 2007: 246-271

--“Introducción". Guinea Ecuatorial. Vísceras [by Juan Tomás '?vila Laurel]. Valencia: Fundación Alfons el Magnánim, 2006: 7-24

--“Fragmentos de historia (dispersos sobre el mar)". Revista de Crítica Literaria Latinoamericana 30.60 (September 2004): 139-150

--“African Poetry in Spanish Exile: Seeking Refuge in the Metropolis". Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 81.2 (April 2004): 201-214

--“Salvando a Copito de Nieve: poesía, globalización y la extraña mutación de Guinea Ecuatorial". Revista de Crítica Literaria Latinoamericana 29.58 (December 2003): 303-319

--“Discursos coloniales y postcoloniales en la literatura hispanoamericana del descubrimiento y la conquista". Identidades multiculturales: Revisión de los discursos teóricos. Eds. Ana Bringas and Belén Martín. Vigo: Universidade de Vigo, 2000: 61-72

--“Historia oficial versus historia personal: las fronteras del yo en la crónica de Indias de Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo". Actas del XIII Congreso de la Asociación Internacional de Hispanistas. Madrid: Castalia, 1999: 376-384

Teaching Interests

Atlantic Studies; Afro-Hispanic Studies; Race and Ethnicity Studies; Global Iberia; Global Hispanophone; Spanish Colonialism in Africa; Colonial Latin America; Postcolonial Studies; Colonialism and Medicine; Penal Colonization; Island Studies; Migration and Mobility Studies; Border Studies; Equatorial Guinea; Western Sahara; Ceuta and Melilla; the Philippines; the Caribbean; Cuba; Mexico; Central America; Guatemala; Galicia.

Recent Courses Taught

Course Title Level
LACS 001 (IS,CC) LTN AMR & CARBN ON MAP Undergraduate
LACS 015N (CC, IS) FILM & POL LAT AMER Undergraduate
LACS 199 SENIOR SEMINAR - LACS Undergraduate
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