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Greek Life

InterFraternity and Sorority Council

Fraternity & Sorority Life at Hofstra University empowers members of fraternal organizations to promote and preserve the ideals of scholarship, service, leadership, campus involvement, and brotherhood/ sisterhood. Membership in Fraternity & Sorority Life promotes personal development and a strong sense of identity with the institution, as well as post-graduate association. Fraternities and sororities enhance the quality of life for students on and off campus by providing a range of opportunities for meaningful individual involvement and growth.

Eligibility of Participation

  1. First semester students are not permitted to become new members.
  2. All new and current members must be in good academic standing, have an overall GPA of at least 2.5 and a registered full-time undergraduate student as defined by University policy. This will be verified by the University.
  3. Individuals who are on academic probation may not participate in new member programs.
  4. All new and current members must be in good standing with Hofstra University.

Multicultural Fraternity Sorority Council

To promote and encourage the development and cohesiveness of fraternal life within all member organizations.

Panhellenic Council

The object of the Panhellenic Association shall be to develop and maintain sorority life and interfraternity relations at a high level of accomplishment.

*Local organization serving as an Associate member of the College Panhellenic Council.

InterFraternity Council

The purpose of the Hofstra University InterFraternity Council is to be the governing body of all social fraternities on the Hofstra University campus.

Independent Greek Council

The purpose of the Hofstra University Independent Greek Council is to create a space for advocacy on behalf of the recognized pre-professional and special interest Greek-letter organizations.

  • Alpha Kappa Psi
  • Alpha Phi Omega
  • Beta Alpha Psi
  • Phi Delta Epsilon
  • Theta Tau
  • Zeta Phi Eta

Order of Omega

Order of Omega is a leadership honor society for members of Fraternity & Sorority organizations. Order of Omega recognizes juniors and seniors who have exemplified high standards in the areas of scholarship, leadership, involvement within their respective organization and within the Fraternity/Sorority, campus, and local community.

Unrecognized Groups

Greek Life at Hofstra is a vital part of our community with a long history of fostering fellowship, leadership development, and community service.  Hofstra actively supports recognized Greek organizations in their efforts to the community on and off campus.

We would like to advise all students and parents and guardians that there are groups that are not recognized by the University.  For your own well-being, you should not affiliate with any unrecognized Greek or other student organizations. Hofstra University does not advise or control the actions of any unrecognized groups.   Inactive and unrecognized Greek chapters are not permitted to recruit, hold events, or induct new members.  If you have any questions about whether a group is recognized or authorized to operate at the University please contact the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement at OSLE{at}hofstra.edu or by phone at 516-463-6914.

Please be advised the known unrecognized groups are listed in the table to the right of this section.

What They Call Themselves:What They Used to Be:Year removed:
Sigma Pi Sigma Pi March 2016
TEKE, TKE, Thuggish Kangaroos Everywhere Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) May 2017
Phi Ep Phi Epsilon (ΦE) April 2013
ZBT Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT) [PDF] October 2008
Tri Sig/Those Girls/Beta Sigma Phi Sorority Sigma Sigma Sigma (ΣΣΣ) [PDF] October 2008
DSP Delta Sigma Phi (ΔΣΦ) October 2008
Kappas Kappa Alpha Psi (ΚΑψ) February 2007



All Greek organizations seeking to charter a chapter or re-colonize a chapter shall be required to follow the procedures set forth by The Office of Student Leadership & Engagement. The Office of Student Leadership & Engagement recognizes Fraternity & Sorority Life as organizations that positively impact the social, moral, intellectual, and personal development of student members. In order for this experience to be made available to more students, OSLE supports regulated expansion of the fraternity and sorority community when expansion is deemed appropriate.

To regulate this expansion process, OSLE reserves the right to screen national/international organizations interested in colonization. Please contact the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement at greek life{at}hofstra.edu or (516) 463-6914. You can read more about our expansion policies here.

Interest Groups

Please note that as an interest group you will be working directly with the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement, the national organization, the InterFraternity and Sorority Council (IFSC), and the respective council throughout the expansion process. National offices and the Hofstra University student interest groups must adhere to all New Member Education rules and policies from the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement as well as Hofstra University Community Standards. There will be no authorization of New Member Education granted until the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement submits it in writing to the national organization. As an interest group you cannot go through any form of New Member Education or initiation program with any organization until you and the organization are approved by Hofstra University's Office of Student Leadership & Engagement to proceed. Groups in violation of this will be automatically be ineligible for expansion, and will not be permitted to reapply for another four (4) years. Individual student repercussions within the Office of Community Standards may also apply.