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University Publicity Policy


This policy is a compilation of various policies concerning publicizing events at Hofstra University. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE FOLLOWING POLICIES ARE IN EFFECT AND FINES WILL BE IMPLEMENTED FOR INFRACTIONS.

University Policies:

  1. All banners, posters, and flyers announcing student-sponsored events must be approved by the Office of Student Activities, Room 260, and Student Center.  Please follow regulations to obtain approval:
    1. Wording must be directed toward the specific date and the function concerned.
    2. Advertisements must be neat in appearance, language should not be offensive to others, and must identify the sponsoring organization.
    3. Advertisements must not display or encourage any stereotypes, prejudices, sexism, or falsities against any other organization or individual.
    4. All advertisements must be submitted to the Office of Student Activities at least 24 hours before the desired posting date, but may not be posted more than two weeks in advance of the advertisement event.
    5. All advertisements posted or hung on campus that are larger than 14” x 22” MUST be printed on fire retardant materials.  Proof of fire retardant is required for all materials.  Fire retardant paper is available for purchase through the Office of Student Activities, Room 260, and Student Center.
    6. Spaces for posters to be hung in the Student Center Main Atrium are assigned by the Office of Student Activities.
    7. Posters hung in the atrium must be 4 x 6 or 4 x 4.  The Director of Student Activities must approve any posters larger than the dimensions previously described.
    8. Posters hung in the atrium may not remain hanging for any time exceeding two weeks or they may be thrown away.
    9. Posters and flyers may be hung on any of the corkboards in the Student Center.
    10. When advertising events where alcohol consumption will occur, no mention will be given as to the price of alcoholic beverages or “shots”.  As in the past, alcohol should not be the focal point of the event.
    11. Flyers may be hung as advertisements underneath the Rathskellar boards as long as they abide by other publicizing regulations (i.e., they must be six feet apart.).
  2.  There will be no advertising of off-campus events on campus, nor will students be permitted to advertise for on-campus events at locations off campus.
  3.  Exceptions to the above policy may be made for special events, pending approval of the Director of Student Leadership and Activities.
  4.  Student organizations wishing additional information regarding the posting of notices on University bulletin boards should inquire at the Office of Student Leadership and Activities.
  5.  Posters, flyers or other advertisements MAY NOT be hung in either footbridge, on the Multipurpose Room divider, on the Atrium pillars, or any painted brick, glass, or metal surfaces.
  6.  Organizations may not post more than one flyer each on bulletin boards situated around Hofstra campus or one per six linear feet.
  7.  All violations of this policy will result in appropriate sanctions (minimum $50 fine) against the group.