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About the Doctoral Program in Learning and Teaching Program

The Doctoral Program in Learning and Teaching prepares students to work as university professors, educational researchers, curriculum developers, professional-development providers, and mentor teachers in schools, universities, and other educational settings.  The program leads to the degree of Doctor of Education (Ed.D.).

In the program students acquire broad and deep knowledge of processes of learning and teaching, develop research skills with quantitative and qualitative methods, and complete an individualized program of studies in an area of specialization. (See sidebar for details.)  Students also complete qualifying procedures and dissertation projects under the supervision of an Adviser and Dissertation Committee members with expertise in the area of specialization. 

Generous scholarship assistance is provided for all first- and second-year students.

Students may enroll on a part-time or full-time basis.  Practicing educators who plan to continue working during their doctoral studies are encouraged to apply.  In the fall and spring semesters, students travel to campus one day per week, on Wednesdays, with one course at 4:30 PM and another at 6:30 PM.  Summer and winter courses also are available.  Even on a part-time basis, the program typically takes about four years to complete. 

Only 9 to 12 applicants are accepted each year, allowing faculty to provide extensive mentorship for doctoral students. 

Apply before March 1 for priority scholarship consideration.  Application deadline is May 1, following this applications submitted will be reviewed on a space available basis only.

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Areas of Specialization

Students select an area of specialization within either Interdisciplinary Studies or Single-Subject Studies.

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Human Development and Educational Psychology
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Multicultural/Urban Education
  • Special Education

Single-Subject Studies

  • Applied Linguistics (Languages Other than English and Teaching English as a Second Language)
  • Art Education
  • English Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Physical Education
  • Science Education
  • Social Studies Education

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