Internship Program - Letter from the Chair

Dear Internship Supervisor:

Many thanks for sponsoring our intern students. All of our journalism and public relations students must complete three-credits of internship as part of their degree requirements in their majors. Media studies majors are also encouraged to enroll for an internship. As part of their internship experience, students must keep daily work journals, meet regularly with their sponsoring professors, and submit a term paper on a theme related to their internship experience.

We expect our students to work hard and to provide you with a skilled and enthusiastic effort. They are placed with your organization to help, but they are also with you to learn. Please make this the most meaningful learning experience possible so that they might become the best skilled professionals possible.

Each of our students is monitored through the duration of their internship by a professor in the field. These professors are listed on the internship agreement form and are always available to you and the student.

We ask you to return the signed internship agreement form to the faculty member indicated and the final evaluation form to the faculty member indicated, as well as our department secretary as promptly as possible. Thank you for partnering with us in a relationship we believe will benefit your organization as well as our students.

Cliff Jernigan, Ph.D
Department of Journalism, Media Studies, and Public Relations